Amazon officially enters Pakistan with web services

Two weeks after experiencing service disruptions in Pakistan, Amazon is bringing its cloud computing business to Pakistan to influence public policy that enables digital transformation

SINGAPORE: Having registered a local office under the name Amazon Data Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, Amazon is forming a team for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Pakistan, to drive the adoption of cloud computing. 

The move comes two weeks after the technology company experienced a disruption worldwide, which largely impacted parts of the US and Pakistan as a whole. 

According to the SECP database, the Pakistan office is led by Paul Andrew Macpherson as the CEO while Shoaib Munir is a director along with Macpherson.

Speaking to Profit under the condition of anonymity, a spokesperson from Amazon shared that the technology leader is currently seeking a public policy specialist for Pakistan, with a focus on driving AWS cloud computing solution adoption. The role focuses on removing regulatory and political blockers to cloud adoption. 

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This is a common approach among technology companies when entering small markets, with Bytedance doing the same in June by hiring Hassan Arshad as the head of public policy to work with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to stall a ban of the TikTok app.

As for AWS in Pakistan, the “Framework on IT Governance and Risk Management in Financial Institutions” by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) directed banks to utilise cloud computing technology under the condition that systems and service providers shall be located in Pakistan along with all physical servers and services. Under this rule, AWS would need to set up its own data center and cloud server in the country.

According to the e-commerce policy framework of Pakistan, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication are in the process of formulating Pakistan’s first cloud policy, while the Draft Data Protection Act is at an advanced stage of consultations. The latter draft, which also concerns Amazon, addresses issues concerning data protection in e-commerce. 

AWS hopes to work with relevant government departments in Pakistan as they develop and revise policies related to the digital economy, including cloud-first policies, data protection regulations, outsourcing guidelines, cybersecurity policies, tax policy, and over the top regulations. They will also proactively build relationships with key policymakers, politicians, and influencers.

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Babar Khan Javed
Babar Khan Javed covers the advertising industry and marketing function in Pakistan for Profit. He can be reached on [email protected] with details about media, creative, and digital briefs, future projects, management changes, client wins or losses, and everything in between.


  1. If they want to succeed, they should set up shop in Karachi but probably they are here to influence government policy they will set up their shop in Islamabad.

    • “The move comes two weeks after the technology company experienced a disruption worldwide, which largely impacted parts of the US and Pakistan as a whole. ”

      That is a false statement.

      AWS has a status page which lists any and all incidents. The company did not experience any disruption. Get your facts straight.

  2. Public welcome to Amazon in Pakistan. We are keen interested to see Amazon .I will the first to become prime member of Amazon.Amazon have great goodwill of it’s business due to its credibility. We love Amazon

  3. ??? Amazon provide more job in Pakistan
    Pakistan sole distributors in of the Amazon???
    If any person go to for job Amazon
    Any body giude for job Applications conect for Amazon
    I love Amazon set up … Amazon provide Equaly
    Thanks regards
    M.Asad Gujranwala
    Marketing officer

  4. Great news for Pakistanis who aimed to be successful in future through getting jobs in Amazon. We are waiting more from Amazon to become leader of the market in Pakistan.

  5. at least aws doors open for Pakistanis, i like to see PayPal and credit card transactions soon under SBP provision available.

  6. I was very excited to hear this company is going to serving in Pakistan, “Jeff Bezos” the ECO of Amazon, I wish to work with him and take care the organization and also wish to set up this organization by myself in Pakistan, if this organization is serving in India why not in Pakistan!?
    I want to see Pakistan at the top!

    • @Saba jee…..don’t compare your tiny pakistan with a 4 time bigger India in size and 9 times bigger than pakistan in economy . Even pakistan win with Mumbai city . Mumbai Economy size is $350 Billion and pakistan is $240 Billion. Pakistanis should stay in reality

  7. Amazon will make decision based security of information geography and regions replication of information across south east Asia. It is too early to say which location suitable for cloud computing.

  8. Bhai ! Karachi me light bohut jati hai.
    Phir K-electric Amazon ko utny ka bill bana degi , jitny ka Amazon ny pakistan me business bhi nahi kia hoga.

  9. This is good news for all those who are related with E Commerce especially VAs and sellers who are doing buisiness with Amazon . Wish them good luck .

  10. This is good news for Pakistanis,
    And prefer city should be Lahore
    As it is IT hub right now, safe city , clean
    And heart ❤️ of Punjab.

  11. Anyone with knowledge of Cloud would know that institutions like Banks should not be using it in the first place whatever be the location of the server. They should set their own systems and they can afford to do it.
    Cloud is beneficial for smaller businesses that don’t have the need or money to hire separate specialists to manage servers, scaling, and security.

  12. Anyone with knowledge of Cloud would know that institutions like Banks should not be using it in the first place whatever be the location of the server. They should set their own systems and they can afford to do it.

    • yes, correct, aws servers are and always remain in us. ok
      but they talking to pk government and if amazon got licence,
      then you sell and set up store online on amazon site.
      But AWS,
      is hosting service and they won`t open any physical office or shop anywhere. ok
      from oxford uk Mr yousaf

  13. I think Karachi is best option for Amazon because of man power and it’s a economic hub of Pakistan above all it’s a sea port all big business run towards Sea Port because it’s much cost effective for business to run from Sea Port and number 2 economic Zone in Karachi dose not have power shortage problem and they can expand thought Karachi in Pakistan or out of Pakistan cost effectively, fast and easly. no city in Pakistan can compete with Karachi it is a only logical option.

    • Amazon Cloud services are not selling any “Tangible” Services. It’s all Cloud. They won’t be exporting anything via a “Sea Port” as their commodity is “Data”. Amazon can setup a server at Ansoo Jheel in Kaghan Valley for that matter so long as they get uninterrupted power and a dedicated fiber optic connection.

  14. Nice comments from all except one, guys just ignore it.

    Is it for corporate needs only like banks and other companies?

    What about entertainment services like Prime Video and online shopping.

  15. Sad to see that without even going through the complete article and trying to understand the context people have started speculating that office should be opened here not there. Calm down everyone as per the article at the moment Amazon is merely entering Pakistan to enhance their ties with the policy makers to evolve the digital economy culture of our country and only if they find a feasible environment and regulations they are gonna open their doors to Pakistan. So for such a diplomatic role the ideal place is the federal capital ie Islamabad.

  16. The office would most probably be located in Islamabad – Setting up an actual datacenter requires more than just selecting a location. Amazon doesn’t really need to setup a full scale Tier-4 DC to offer its services. They can register as AWS in Pakistan, work with the required govt. departments and offer EDGE locations which could (and in case of banks and govt. departments) should be co-located on site for data residency requirements.

    AWS is a cloud platform from Amazon and can run on-premise as well, there isn’t a requirement for Amazon to setup their own DC. I hope they do as it would bring multi million $ investment in Pakistan and would generate lots of jobs as well. The location of datacentre has specific requirements including physical security, infrastructure and obviously weather conditions.

    Those interested in technical jobs with AWS should look into their certifications – even if Amazon doesn’t come to Pakistan, their certifications are globally recognized and can help land a decent technology job

  17. Dont create so panic.whenever,it will establish;it will certainly create business and generate jobs.a good economic sign for our doesn’t matter.they have to communicate online.they can install their setup any where in our country.i pray that foreign companies should invest in our country to prosper the fate of local people.

  18. MashAllah… Comments are more interesting than the article… Amazing people …. Tera Pakistan hay ye Mera Pakistan hay ….

  19. A very great news we need more big players in the market as well for a healthy competition. Please also visit a mobile comparison platform i found recently where you can compare mobile phones and electronic devises.

  20. This is so good for Pakistan everyone can be easily buy thing and one of the best chance for affiliated marketing as well. Join us for more details we are also provide so many information and services as well.

  21. Instead of seeing it as positive step you guys are uttering nonsense it doesnot matter where so ever it setups its office at least it would be in pakistan and checking feasibility is their task you dont take tension . Its good that we can purchase products now through it otherwise it has double its original price the delivery charges .

  22. This whole thing is a money making scheme of opportunists in Pakistan who is using one small incident to scare businesses and sell AWS. There are no promises by AWS to create AWS datacenter in Pakistan. Let’s assume that it’s true, even then AWS will be relied solely upon PTA’s authority and network. How many people really believe in PTA promises? AWS and PTA marriage will only harm AWS in a long run, be careful AWS!

  23. Achi bat:
    I’m working on amazon as a wholesaler as a agent inder Chinese seller. And i think if amazon comes in Pakistan it’ll be helpful for many of peoples because they’ll get free products many of people easily get part time jobs and many of students who want to do some online job should join amazon. It’ll be helpful for them
    Asal bat:
    Ye sally jo hamary uper ministers he enho ny amazon ko chlny hi nhii dena yha salon ny PayPal ka jo hal kia he whi hal ye amazon ka krein gy

  24. Hello
    What are the total expenditures for opening and operating a US-based virtual account in Pakistan including all billing, telephone number, and all other requisites? Hello
    What are the total expenditures for opening and operating a US-based virtual account in Pakistan including all billing, telephone number, and all other requisites?

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  26. Can someone inform me where the office for registration is located? And a source from which I can receive guidelines regarding starting an Amazon business?


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