FIA starts investigation into sugar export to Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) has started an investigation into the sugar export to Afghanistan.

Documents state that FIA has written a letter to the secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain the sugar export data from Afghanistan.

“It is requested that data regarding the export of sugar from Pakistan for inland consumption in Afghanistan (wherein leviable duties and taxes have been paid in Afghanistan) maintained by the government of Afghanistan for the financial year 2014-2015 to 19-2020 may kindly be obtained from relevant authorities of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan through our Embassy in Afghanistan,” the letter read.

“It is requested that the above information may be provided to this office by Monday through Email in soft form ( MS-Excel) and also in hard form by special messenger. It is requested that genuineness of the importers’ list may also be verified from relevant Afghan authorities.”

The inquiry commission revealed that sugar was exported to Afghanistan, but when the sugar export data was checked, there was a difference of billions of rupees.

It is pertinent to mention that FIA has established a team under the supervision of Dr Moeen Masood to investigate sugar export scam to Afghanistan. Similarly, FBR’s Benami directorates have also been conducting the audit of sugar mills.

It is also worth mentioning that sugar prices have been increasing since the government made the sugar commission report public. The per-kilogramme price of sugar in the market had crossed Rs90 last week, following which the government allowed the import of sugar.


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