KP Social Welfare Dept ‘illegally’ transfers Rs105.6m to bank accounts: AGP report

Out of the Rs105.6m, Rs2m had been allocated by the KP govt as stipends for elderly people

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Social Welfare Department has transferred Rs105.6 million to different bank accounts without the permission of the KP Finance Department.

According to a report released by the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP), the KP Social Welfare Department ‘illegally’ opened accounts in different banks and transferred a total of Rs105.6 million into them from government accounts. 

However, the report does not state the exact purpose for which the funds were transferred by the KP Social Welfare Department. 

The report recommends the initiation of a formal inquiry on the matter, urging all those responsible for the transfer of funds should be held accountable.

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According to the report, of the total Rs105.6 million, Rs2 million were transferred from the government account to another account in a bank in Peshawar. The Rs2million was initially allocated by the KP government as stipend for elderly people. 

Similarly, three more accounts were opened in other banks where an amount totalling Rs93.6 million was deposited. The said amount was a grant from the KP Finance Department.

According to sources, the KP Social Welfare Department did not obtain permission from the KP Finance Department to open additional accounts, due to which the KP government has refused to release further funds to the department. 

The AGP report said that meetings with KP Social Welfare Department were convened in May 2016 in order to resolve issues pertaining to opening of additional accounts. However, the report adds that no satisfactory reply has been submitted by the department so far. 

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