IESCO smells a rat in Power Division’s workings

IESCO CEO alleges that Power Division is trying to transfer favoured candidates to important positions at the company

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shahid Iqbal Chaudhry on Saturday alleged that the Power Division has been trying to transfer its favoured candidates to important positions at IESCO despite a ban on postings.

According to sources, the Power Division has been allegedly involved in transfer/posting of its favoured candidates in IESCO despite a ban on postings. Sources alleged that the Power Division has directed the IESCO CEO to transfer an official who is allegedly involved in corruption.
Sources added that the IESCO CEO is perturbed over transfer/posting of Ahsan Zaman in IESCO due to which he has written a letter to Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) managing director asking approval of transfer/posting orders.

Currently, a ban has been placed by the Ministry of Energy on transfer/posting in DISCOs.

According to sources, during July 2020, Minister of Energy Omar Ayub asked the IESCO CEO to transfer Ahsan Zaman Khan from XEN Civil GSC to XEN Civil Works, IESCO.

In response the IESCO chief apprised the energy minister regarding lack of experience of Ahsan Zaman (11 months compared to a 2 year requirement).

However, later, on the directives of Power division secretary, Ahsan Zaman Khan was transferred from XEN Civil GSC to XEN Civil Works, IESCO.

IESCO CEO in another letter to the Power Division special secretary informed that Ahsan Zaman Khan remained posted as IESCO XEN Civil Division from December 16, 2013 to August 16, 2019. However, during his tenure the performance of the officer was found lacking.

Moreover, the officer was also found involved in tendering irregularities in contradiction with Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) Rules.

Ahmad Ahmadani
Ahmad Ahmadani
The author is a an investigative journalist at Profit. He can be reached at [email protected].


  1. It is very unfortunate trend set by Minister of Energy power division, there are many examples of these kind of Corruption and Corrupt Practices
    During past 15 years, Corruption increases in power sector but in present.. No check and balance found
    Everyone is busy with in making money at any cost.
    Private housing Societies like Ghouri Town, Gulberg Green and many others, provide illegal electricity connections @ the cost of huge financial loss to IESCO.
    Billing fraud Case Reffered to DG FIA for further inquiry against CEO IESCO and others by Chairman NAB on 4th February 2020, but no response, ohhh Allah! No right person for right job

    • Mr Manzoor please do some research work. This post and propoganda was done just to defame IESCO DEPARTMENT. MR AHSAN ZAMAN AND CEO IESCO. IESCO is the only comapny which is in profit. The union section of it did propoganda because these officers are very competent and Mr Ahsan was posted because no other officer was more worthy of it and none are available. The requirment is civil engineer and majority are electrical in IESCO. Please think 100 times before you put an allegation on someone its a major sin.

    • And yeah do tell which financial loss were you talking about ? Iesco is in profir since a decade. Please do some research.

  2. The way secretary power has transferred 200 officer currently was devastating as in result corrupt officers got lucrative posting and seasoned officers got sidelined.If not trusting my statement than you can check the Se’s and chief got posted in Lahore Lesco and you can check posting in mepco .Secretary Power needs to pull up its sock as and need to setup a good team including ceo ,chief and Se.Need to give promotion to well reputed officers.Secondly they need to check through intelligence about officers rather than relying on Pepco intelligence as they r group of looters.These intelligence people are those who even change their statement by drinking a cup of tea from lineman and meter readers.So how you can trust them.Need to make a independent enquiry from agencies so right man got posted in place of right job.

    • Before calling someone corrupt please make sure that you know the facts. CEO has the authority to do transfer and posting and he was just writting the letter to MD PEPCO to regularize Mr Ahsan Zaman Khan this can be confirmed by PR section of IESCO. Allegation without any proof is a major sin in ISLAM

      • We all better know that a ceo in all 10 companies is a merely performing a duty of dg he.The real power lies with Secretary power division .They cannot even transfer a sdo in current situation of their own.It is not about anyone calling corrupt.It is between Allah and him.But the way incompetency is being done at discos level ,the soon is the time when all wapda /Pepco employees will watch themselves being privatised.Why not our ceos are independent like Chief Secretary and IG.The real point is that md must be from Pepco officers.Otherwise in near future the discos will be privatised.

  3. A huge propoganda to defame IESCO employees, Minister and CEO iesco. Remember this company is the only distribution company which has remained in profit because of these compitent officers. Just to defame them dont write such rubish or they will sue you.

  4. With due respect to EHTISHAM SAHIB.. thanks for your response, sorry for late response, due to my poor health condition… Just seen your comments here, for your kind information, Chaudhry Shahid Iqbal CEO IESCO is one of the most Corrupt person in IESCO History, he is a looter, cheater and fraudster and Criminal. Many fraud Cases reported during his tenure.. FIR No.10 /2019 lodged by FIA ACC ISLAMABAD AGAINST FRAUDSTERS IN IESCO is evident on record, Bogus Meters installation case in Islamabad at his credit… Every Corrupt, accused involved in Corruption and Corrupt Practices, having complete support from DG HR IESCO Zubair Khan and CEO IESCO, anything which you want to examine against him, you are more than welcome to ask for…

  5. I would LIKE To request everyone reading this to read the next article which was uploaded to days lates with title starting from “IESCO REFUTES” Then you all xan tell how bogus this blog is this officer was just being transfer from one place to another not a big deal the profit pakistan appologised in the next articl3

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