Paper mills increase prices for the second time in a month

The move comes just before the printing of next year’s school books begins


LAHORE: Paper mill owners have raised prices of paper for the second time in a month due to which prices of books are expected to increase.

According to sources, owners of paper mills have increased the prices of different categories of paper by Rs5 to Rs6 per kilogramme (kg).

A 68 gram paper which is mostly used for books was available in the market at Rs106 per kg a week ago. However, currently its price stands at Rs111 per kg.

On the other hand, paper merchants have termed the increase in paper prices as unjustified.

Khamis Butt, a senior member of the All Pakistan Paper Merchant Association, said that paper millers have established their monopoly in the market. “It is unjustifiable for paper mill owners to raise prices of paper before next year’s printing of school books begins, which will make books more expensive,” he said.

Butt also expressed fears that paper mill owners may further increase prices in the coming days.


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