SBP allows banks to open branches on Saturdays

KARACHI: As coronavirus cases continue to decline across the country, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has permitted banks to open a limited number of branches across the country on Saturdays.

As per the central bank’s directives, bank branches operating at business centres and ports will be allowed to remain open on Saturdays.

Previously, the SBP had ordered all banks to remain closed on Saturdays owing to a rise in Covid-19 cases across the country.

However, as cases of the virus have declined and normal business, an dwith trade and educational activities resuming across the country this month, the SBP has allowed banks to open their selected branches on Saturdays. All branches that open on Saturdays will have to abide by the coronavirus safety protocols and health guidelines issued by the SBP.

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  1. AOA. Respected Sir, in our Tehsil fateh jang bop branch not responsible branch, here e.stamp paper machine previous 14 days in which I’ll situation.please checked this position and solved the problem of fateh jang public

  2. Dear sir,
    It is requested to please allow banks to close their branches on Saturdays till the end of year 2020;because in some areas of Pakistan send wave of crona virus erupted. Also please revise the morning timings of Bank to10′ O clock as it is diffult to reach branches at 8;30 am during winters in northern areas like skardu and Gilgit areas.

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