PIA to resume flights to England from October 30


The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will resume flight operations to England from October 30.

According to the details, the resumption would be with new European aeroplanes and crew.

“The flights will operate directly with new aircraft, comfortable seats, halal food and the world’s best in-flight entertainment,” a PIA spokesperson said.

Flights from Islamabad to London, Lahore to London and Islamabad to Manchester will be operated int he first phase. The national airline has also started booking tickets.

It may be recalled that the European Union Air Safety Agency (EUASA) had suspended the authorisation for PIA to operate in Europe for six months.

The airline came under scrutiny after several problems including the issuance of fake licenses to pilots came to light.

PIA is resuming operations to maintain its slots at England airports although it increases the cost of operation. If the airline doesn’t start operations with foreign crew and aircrafts, they may lose their slots.



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