IMF opposes govt’s plan to increase employees’ salaries

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has opposed the government’s plan to increase the salaries of its employees.

According to sources, officials of the finance ministry had discussed the matter with representatives of IMF earlier this week. IMF officials had voiced their opposition to the decision, saying that there was no need to go ahead with this move especially at a time when expenditures were being met through loans, they added.

Sources said the international lending body has suggested the government to meet its expenditures from its own sources. A 25 per cent increase in the salaries of government employees of BPS-1 to BPS-16 would result in an additional burden of Rs40 to Rs45 billion on the national exchequer, the IMF noted.

It is pertinent to mention that government employees had asked for an increase in their salaries citing rising inflation as reason. They had even staged a peaceful protest outside the finance ministry before the budget for the current fiscal year was announced.

Profit reached out to secretary finance as well as IMF Country Representative Teresa Sanches for comments on the meeting with IMF, but no response was received till the filing of this report.

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  1. The IMF’s opposition to the increase in salaries of government employees in Pakistan shows the extent to which Pakistan has become a slave to international powers. If any other country is talked about, then this situation is taken as a violation of sovereignty. But Pakistan has become so compelled today because of its poor policies that it cannot even protest against the IMF. Pakistan never paid attention to its economic conditions due to spreading terrorism in neighboring countries and opposing India. This is the reason that today Pakistan is also dependent on loans for its day to day expenses. That is why today IMF can interfere in so many internal issues of Pakistan. The Pakistan Army and ISI are responsible for this condition of Pakistan. Together these two institutions have immersed Pakistan’s fleet in the agenda of anti-India.

  2. That is ill will of IMF, because they intends to become king and desired to make Pakistan slave. IMF comes in the existence to support the Weak and needy countries in the world but now a days the IMF despite supporting the Countries they snach bread and butter of common peoples.

  3. IMF should focus on the other mega non productive expenditure of Pakistan, like Pay and Pension of Gazetted Officers (Defence Paid or Civil) Pay and allowances of our politicians and funds allotted. Taxes, Tariffs, recovery of WAPDA, Sui Gas and other services provider organization, IMF should oppose all such matters not increase in Pay of BPS 1 to 16.

  4. Why govt starts mega projects and grant unprecedented priviliges to Parliamentarians and crush common people by getting loans on IMF’s ruthless conditions. Govt even changed Finance Minister Asad Umar when he apparantly refused to bow down. Now a fialed ao called econimic expert Hafiz Shaikh have been imposed on poor people as Minister Finance. Though employees have been compensated but vulnwrable pensioners have been left to suffer.

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