FBR notifies Rs1,000 surcharge for individuals

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has clarified that a lower rate of Rs1,000 will be charged from individuals (salaried and non-salaried) on late filing of income tax returns for the tax year 2020 for inclusion in the Active Taxpayers’ List (ATL).

The FBR’s spokesperson has clarified that surcharge for inclusion in ATL for late filing individuals is Rs1,000 and not Rs10,000. “This mistake occurred because of an error in a press release issued on Feb 24,” he added.

Companies will have to pay a surcharge of Rs20,000 and association of persons Rs10,000 for inclusion in ATL, which will be published on March 1.

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  1. Salaried persons are paying tax before their drawing of salary while as it’s fbr’s duty to give income tax returns to an individual its not a an individual’s responsibility instead of it if someone files his returns then how he could be fined ? Is it punishment of co operation ?

  2. I think it’s not justice for salaried person’s, because salaried person’s tax already deducted by their concern department.

  3. A manual n simple form filling system n then sharing the same to FBR through their whattsapp account must be initiated next time to onward . Especially for those guy who are retired , job less n fall in the category of senior citizen . Why to pay Rs 5000/- everytime to the so called intermediaries at the the time of filing of annual returns.
    Also their livilhood means are profit they earn from different banks , Dfeis n NSC centres so the tax over that must be obolished in the wake of worst ever recession during this regime .
    Also the standard of morality is left a lot to be desired. The people’s n masses of the country are not your slaves n subordinate but you are their employees. I m saying this loud n clear . What the hell are you doing in your luxurious offices n houses all day long except discussing just only of your welfares , salaries n incentive increase n side n beef up the other sources of your part-time income .

  4. This is a very poor decision of FBR management. The only sin we had done is that we didn’t filled our return while due tax has already deducted.

  5. Its just blackmailing to poor people and also another set back the online system lawyers are not providing password for opening of his details in FBR. Therefore its necessary to change of password needs new way of getting password. Hope authorities will take necessary steps for providing new password.

  6. The problem with our bureaucracy is that they decide first and think later, if at all! Secondly, they are dearly lacking in conscience and most of them have no fear of Allah, otherwise why should they shirk responsibility?!!

  7. Process of Filling the tax return is not easy. We take help of someone and then pay for it. So its redulous that first we pay taxes then we have to file the tax return by paying extra money to ppl who have made it a business. So Kindly if you want to ease ppl, make the process easy so that everyone can do it.

  8. I Also Agreed With All Respectfull Members Bcoz Most Of The Time No Notice Received From FBR And Also Not Even Bank Salary Statement Received From Concern Bank..FBR Plz Think Again About Ur Decision..Thanx

  9. All salaried employees should not be made to file tax returns as complete details held by employers they should upload information to FBR normally this happens in other countries all businesses set up in a particular area have a designated office RTO on leaving the job and joining another company a detailed earnings certificate is issued by the employer this is submitted to HR department of the next employer if next job not in the same designated RTO information is automatically transferred to the other RTO of the employee ( just need to develop IT links by FBR) if such individuals have other incomes than they file tax returns for that income .Pensioners normally don’t file tax returns as mostly state pensions are tax free upto a certain thrash hold after that tax is deducted directly by the tax authorities and net pension paid into bank account no need to travel to pension offices private pensions are made in the same way directly to bank accounts any taxes deducted a certificate is sent to individuals from private pension companies and tax paid directly to concerned tax office .FBR should learn from other countries and simplify tax returns and not make it cumbersome for public our system is made deliberately complicated to to advance corruption.FbR should review such practices .

  10. Only salaried persons are paying all, what government and departments are running on. This is a forced payment, a kind of bondage to keep crushing white collar. A pathetic tax system, which is never ought to be transparent.

  11. Indeed there must never be any fine by anyone to the tax paid persons/individuals whose income tax had already been withheld throughout the year. They ought to be given tax discounts instead. The e-filing form should be so easy as everyone (standard literate) could easily go through and fill in on his/her cell phone. Please exempt all retired persons, windows, widovers, jobless, disables, senior citizens, alikes etc.
    Kindly think over it and make better nation.


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