Pakistan to receive first purchase of over one million doses of Chinese vaccines by March-end: minister

Asad Umar says govt in talks to purchase another seven million doses of Sinopharm and CanSino vaccines

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will be receiving its first purchase of over 1 million doses of Chinese Sinopharm and CanSino COVID vaccines by the end of March, the minister in charge of pandemic operations told Reuters on Tuesday.

“We have purchased one million and 60,000 doses of Sinopharm and CanSino vaccines,” Asad Umar said. “We will be receiving the consignment before end of March.”

He said the government was in talks to purchase another seven million doses of the vaccines.

The consignment is the first purchase of vaccines by Pakistan’s government, which has so far relied on donations and on allocations from the World Health Organisation-backed COVAX scheme for poorer nations.

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  1. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan became corona positive even after taking the Chinese vaccine. In such a situation, the authorities of Pakistan should tell the public why China’s inferior vaccine is being bought continuously. Prime Minister Imran Khan has high-level medical facilities and can get his treatment done better, but such facilities are not available for the poor people of Pakistan. In such a situation, the authorities of Pakistan should make it clear why they are playing with the lives of the common people with the ineffective vaccine of China. At the same time, there should be an investigation into how effective the Chinese vaccine is.

  2. Salaam Mustak, Whether a vaccine is inferior or based on the trials which shows whether there are side effects of taking a particular vaccine and it’s efficacy. What is true of all vaccines is that they take 2-3 weeks for them to become effective and are most effective, in case of 2 dose vaccines, after the second dose.

    Also take into account the incubation period before a Covid 19 infection becomes evident or visible is around 5-7 days.

    Based on the above the PM had Covid before he was vaccinated and that the Sinopharm vaccine didn’t have enough time to give the PM the protection. For that matter if it was AZ, Pfizer, Sputnik or Moderna it would’ve been the same result.

    Making statements like yours is not true and actually undermines the actual truth at a time when we have a population who still doesn’t trust the polio vaccine. Our media is a source of fake news and unverified or researched news items and on top of that we have idiotic comments from the general public undermining the facts.

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