KP govt utilises mere 35pc of ADP funds as third quarter ends

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has managed to spend only 35 per cent of the annual development budget (ADP) fund during the first nine months of the current fiscal year (9MFY21).

Documents show that the provincial government had allocated Rs148.571 billion for the province out of which the provincial government has spent Rs57.765 billion up till now.

Similarly, the government had allocated Rs34.286 billion for tribal districts in the development programme of the current financial year but only Rs9.797 billion was spent, Rs49 billion was allocated under the Accelerated Implementation Programme (AIP) under the Tribal Decade Strategy (TDS) but the government spent only Rs14.418 billion.

According to the third quarter report compiled by the Department of Planning and Development, Rs10.90 billion was spent on road construction, Rs6.31 billion on irrigation, Rs5.70 billion on health, Rs3.53 billion on primary and secondary education, Rs3.29 billion on higher education, Rs2.50 billion on agriculture, Rs 1.52 billion on forests, Rs930 million on law and justice, Rs337 million on transport, Rs85 million on social welfare, Rs70 million on finance, Rs64 million in welfare population, Rs22 million on science and information technology (IT), Rs0.1 million on rehabilitation and resettlement while zero amount was spent on the environment.

Similarly, zero amount has been spent on food, science and IT, transport, urban development, justice and law, minerals, rehabilitation and resettlement under the AIP of the Tribal Decade Strategy (TDS).

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