Mango juice and minority shareholders

There was a detailed discussion on the merits and demerits of mango juice and Pakistan this week after the unavailability of mango juice on international flights was brought up by one tweeter. Some less serious topics like cash on delivery and inflation were also hot topics throughout the week. I bring you all this and more in this week’s social media roundup.

Mango juice is as Pakistani as the Pakistan flag. In a way it could have been our national drink but tea got in the way.

It’s really nice to see Pakistani institutions using data analytics and analysis to improve their services. This is how businesses across the world analyze consumer behavior. It’s refreshing to see this in practice at an embassy.

Minority shareholders just have it bad. To make it worse they then have to hear businesses lament about how difficult it is for them to operate all while having a drool worthy balance sheet and earnings. It’s just not easy being an investor.

It’s always fun knowing what other people are doing. Tech makes it easier

I wonder if the SBP is enjoying the attention.

Block chain is the future. Makes sense for balsamic vinegar to jump the bandwagon too.

Who else hates cash on delivery. More importantly who else hates getting cash from the ATM? This is a billion dollar startup idea. And to burn money, they could pay you 10% more than you asked for no charges

This is the startup that can make pakistan a high income developing country. This is the chance Pakistan needs

Remember when the cashier unnecessarily gave you a tough time for a scribble on a cheque. They were just trolling you for fun.

This definitely looks cool. Glad to see we’re moving beyond textile looms.

Very likely considering thr government usually picks Twitter celebrities for positions.


Who would’ve thought. Good stuff

Why not meri jaan is such a vibe. 

Ariba Shahid
Ariba Shahid
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