CDNS extends AML/CFT compliance project for another year

ISLAMABAD: The Central Directorate of National Savings has extended the AML/CFT compliance project for another one year.

Document states that CDNS has accorded the extension of AML/CFT compliance contract “provisioning of technical/support team for NSCS, RDNS and CDNS across Pakistan through Managed services agreement” for further one year from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023, as per article No. 4.6.1 of signed agreement, based on your satisfactory performance.

CDNS signed an agreement with Solochoicez (Pvt) Ltd in JV with SOS Pakistan on June 23, 2021, effective on July 1, 2021 for provisioning of technical/ support team for NSCS. RONS’ and CONS across Pakistan through managed services.

As per the bidding documents, the project involves delivering highly skilled and technical personnel with specialized knowledge of AML/CFT.

The company has to post Field compliance officers having education in computer science, information technology or 14 years of education in any discipline from university recognized by the HEC with one year diploma in computer science or IT apart from 1 year experience in relevant field.

Sources said that most of the personnel deputed in regional offices reportedly do not meet the minimum qualification or experience.

Most of the personnel have no experience in relevant fields besides their diplomas in computer science or information technology are also suspicious, sources added.

Sources further said that officials within the department can effectively perform duties mentioned in the bidding documents but the high ups of department with the alleged connivance of IT officials awarded a contract to blue eyed company, who reportedly does not have professional human resources.

Sources mentioned that CDNS awarded the last four projects in the last four years and interestingly Solochoicez (Pvt) Ltd is a JV partner with other companies.

Sources also said that the company is reportedly providing a very low salary to its resources whereas it is getting Rs 52,000 plus per resource from the department.

It is pertinent to note that a company in last year raised questions over awarding the project to Solochoicez (Pvt.) Ltd in JV with SOS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

The company had claimed that Solochoicez (Pvt.) Ltd did not meet the basic criteria.

They were not only given higher marks but the company does not have experience of running projects of such nature due to which the department violated rule 29 of PPRA.

The spokesperson of CDNS Asad Bilal on the above mentioned queries replied that this is totally baseless content and things are much better than the mentioned scenario.

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