“Your work is the lifeline of your career, be glad that it’s moving”- Burhan Mirza

Serial Entrepreneur and investor, Burhan Mirza, elaborates on why work needs inconsistency to survive

Often, we are so bogged down with work, meeting deadlines, and firefighting issues that we start thinking we are not progressing. We are ticking the boxes for day-to-day work activities, and it feels monotonous. However, we tend to forget that if we learn from these experiences and our everyday firefighting, we are progressing in our lives as well as our careers.

Burhan Mirza is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and career coach who has spent his life training businessmen and entrepreneurs drive successful careers. With the smart use of cutting-edge IT solutions, he has been able to provide continuous growth by delivering a complete makeover to brands and uplifting their digital presence across platforms. With an ever-growing demand by businesses around the globe, his team has grown to 1,200+ team members in just the last three years.

He is a firm believer of empowerment. According to Burhan, It enables passion to transform into leadership; that is one reason he has been able to nurture Pakistan’s IT sector. He encourages youngsters to follow their dreams, work consistently to achieve them and not let the process demotivate them.

“I would like to inform all my young friends never to complain about last-minute assignments or strict deadlines. Be thankful that you have got work to do. The heartbeat of your career goes up and down, which signifies you are moving forward, getting somewhere. In other instances, it would be a straight line, which means it’s dead,” shares Burhan Mirza. “If something becomes easy or routine, then it’s a clear sign you are not growing. Nowadays, the pace of businesses is fast, and the energy required is exhausting, but our brain needs exercise each day. So, seek knowledge each day, become a student of your work, field, and industry, continue learning new skills, and grow professionally and personally.”

It is common to see the restlessness in youngsters about results. They seek immediate success in their work but forget that the world does not function that way. The key idea is to keep going, keep learning and keep working. There is no such thing as too much work, if you are one of those who think that, be grateful for the opportunity you got that could have gone to someone else. Your work is the lifeline of your career, and as long as it keeps moving, your career is moving in the right direction.

Burhan Mirza applies the same rules for his team as well. They work round-the-clock to provide quality service in IT solutions, with an empathetic view towards their clientele, making up almost 70% of the company’s backbone. He ensures that his team stays on its toes when delivering the right solutions to clients. He also believes that ideas do not necessarily come from the top; hence he engages his employees in brainstorming sessions and asks them to express themselves and be creative.

“The boss should not be the wisest man in the room. If your employees are scared of speaking their minds freely, you will miss out on unlimited opportunities that may have come your way,” says Burhan Mirza. “You want to create an environment where all team members feel important and worthy to contribute to their maximum potential. If you have a team who can generate no new ideas and just do as they are told, that will be the death of your organization.”

The prime factors for constant growth and progress are continuously working hard and learning from your mistakes. Successful people do not make excuses; they learn skills they did not know before, create tools to help their work which they had no access to and become the inspirations who they thought they could never be. The whole idea is to move proactively without complaining. This is the only way your career will experience a boost.

Being an entrepreneur seems like an overwhelming task. Yet the satisfaction that comes with it is unmatchable. As for others working for someone else, use the platform to enrich your skills so you can be an asset wherever you go or whichever company you join later on. With hard work, a positive attitude, and dedication, the world is your oyster to explore and conquer.


  1. We all move through different stages in our lives and our career to find out new opportunities in a world And, just as demands on our time in our personal lives vary, so do demands at work

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