PM Shehbaz Sharif assures “sincere” efforts to revive economy

The PM highlights successful diplomacy efforts and diversification of energy mix

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reassured the public that his government is making “sincere” efforts to revive Pakistan’s struggling economy. He acknowledged the challenges faced during the past year, including record inflation and economic difficulties laid out by the previous government, but he also highlighted the successes of his own government.

One of the biggest achievements that the Prime Minister mentioned was the successful no-confidence vote against Imran Khan’s government, which was a significant step in the country’s political evolution. He emphasized the importance of reconciliation and cooperation between political parties, rather than confrontation and vendetta.

Despite the economic landmines left behind by the previous government and global fuel and food supply issues, the current government has managed to keep the economy afloat, and sincere efforts are underway to revive it.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the government’s efforts to repair and deepen Pakistan’s diplomatic ties, which had suffered under the previous regime. The government’s successful rescue, relief, and rehabilitation efforts during last year’s devastating floods were acknowledged by the world as “outstanding”.

Furthermore, the government has made efforts to diversify the energy mix and provide relief to citizens by expanding the social safety net and providing targeted subsidies. Pakistan’s exit from the Financial Action Task Force’s grey list was also a notable achievement, which the Prime Minister credited to excellent inter-ministerial coordination and support from the military leadership.

The government has also focused on completing development and transport infrastructure projects to provide ease, comfort, and affordable mobility to the people. Overall, the Prime Minister’s statement sought to reassure the public that despite the challenges, his government is making sincere efforts to improve the country’s situation.

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