OGRA proposes 41% surge in gas prices, govt approval pending

Economic fallout feared as OGRA seeks approval for 41% gas price hike

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has recommended a substantial 41% increase in gas prices, awaiting government approval for implementation next month. This follows a staggering 400% rise in the past year, sparking widespread concerns and debates.

The recent tariff restructuring, effective since November, classifies domestic consumers into two groups: non-protected and protected. Non-protected consumers, with an average consumption of 91 cubic meters or more from November to February, are expected to bear the brunt of the proposed 41% price hike. Those using less than 90 cubic meters fall under the protected category.

This categorization is set to impact households differently, raising concerns about the economic strain on non-protected consumers. As the nation awaits government approval, the potential gas price surge adds to ongoing economic discussions, prompting debates on its repercussions for the general population.



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