Sindh govt, WB partner to invest $100m in renewable energy

Initiative is part of a broader strategy to provide low-cost energy solutions

The Sindh government, in partnership with the World Bank, announced plans to invest $100 million in renewable energy initiatives focused on solar and wind power.

This collaboration aims to generate approximately 300 megawatts (MW) of electricity to combat the effects of greenhouse gases and mitigate the impacts of natural disasters in Pakistan.

The announcement was made during a seminar in Karachi, titled ‘Significance of Renewable for Karachi & Export Industry: Cost of Inaction’.

Mehfooz Qazi, Director of Alternative Energy for the Sindh Government, shared the details at the event, which was a joint effort by Renewables First and the Policy Research Institute for Equitable Development (PRIDE).

In addition to the World Bank-funded projects, the Sindh government is progressing on setting up 500 MW solar power projects, 400 MW hydrogen power projects, and waste-to-energy projects.

These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to provide low-cost energy solutions amidst the country’s struggle with inflation.

Qazi highlighted the government’s policy to offer affordable land for renewable energy projects and mentioned ongoing collaborations with K-Electric, Karachi’s primary electric supply company.

K-Electric has already established two wind energy projects of 25MW each in the Hub area and is utilizing the wind corridor in Gharo for further development.

As per KE stance it is dedicated to reaching a 30% renewable energy target by 2030, as outlined in it’s plans that consider local conditions and demand. KE has not yet reviewed the Renewables First white paper which was received last night, noting that it’s input was not sought in its development. Consequently, KE choose not to participate in discussions that are not genuinely constructive and exclude important stakeholders.

The seminar also featured insights from Hammad Ali, an analyst at Renewables First, who emphasized the potential savings of up to $4.51 billion over seven years if K-Electric shifts its focus from thermal power generation to renewable sources.

The current reliance on thermal power has led to significant financial losses due to missed opportunities in renewable energy adoption.

Former NEPRA chairman, Tauseef Farooqi, criticized the lack of planning in Pakistan’s power sector and advocated for a competitive, transparent market mechanism under the Competitive Trading Bilateral Contracts Market Programme.

Somanul Haq, Programme Director of Net Zero Pakistan, discussed the pressure on Pakistan’s export industry from global supply chains and the increasing demand for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in the country, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions.



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