Soneri Bank participates in e-banking 2017 conference


Today, the banking landscape is undergoing a phenomenal transformation with emerging technologies in the financial service sector. Banks are keen in exploring and investing in new technologies to face the changing dynamics of the market today. The industry is at an early stage of evaluating their strategy and potential partnerships. The focus is on customer empowerment, to provide convenience, minimize cost and give control of financial matters.

Soneri Bank participated in the 15th e-banking conference organized by Total Communications in collaboration with Pakistan Software Houses Association ([email protected]) at Mövenpick Hotel, Karachi on 19th April, 2017. The President and Chief Executive Officer, Mohammad Aftab Manzoor, highlighted that bankers need to understand the need of customers and the use of technology accordingly. CIO Soneri Bank Ahmed Saqib participated as a panelist for changing the landscapes of banking – predictions 2018 and moderated for a panel discussion on “third party service management for operational efficiency in financial institutions”.

Soneri Bank actively participated in the exhibition, showcasing their products and services and promoting the Soneri Mobile App via a digital kiosk set-up.

Marketing Head of Soneri Bank Fariya Zaeem reiterated the need to rebuild Soneri Bank’s framework for the tech-savvy, younger generation already exposed to innovation on various digital platforms. The innovation journey should be part of the business strategy and aligned with the company’s objectives.

Soneri Bank, with its mission to provide innovative and efficient financial solutions, is onboard to adapt to changing marketing trends in the digitalised world and make a difference in customers’ experience. Roshan Har Qadam!


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