Minister for Industries endorses PM’s decision to disband EDB


ISLAMABAD: The Minister for Industries and Production, Ghulam Murtaza Khan endorsed Prime Minister’s decision to disband the Engineering Development Board (EDB).

He said EDB had failed to perform as per its mandate and fully backed the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan’s Abbasi decision of disbanding the institution, reported Business Recorder.

This development comes amidst a summary that was forwarded to the Prime Minister’s office by Ministry of Industries and Production to review the decision regarding disbandment of EDB due to malpractice and corruption.

Apropos to a news item that appeared in Business Recorder in early part of January 2018, EDB Deputy General Manager Policy/Coordination Asim Ayaz said the institution had been performing its duties with utmost professionalism considering a firing incident that had taken place.

He added that around $800 million of investment was being made by four companies under the auto policy 2016-2021, which would ensure major economic activity. Ayaz said despite the fire incident, EDB was able to ensure smooth operation of all industries and said media also appreciated its performance.


  1. Foolish Government incompetent Ministers and slave PM with no brains in their head supported by phscyophant media will ruin a national institution

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