CPEC provides Pakistan opportunity to be regional harbinger of peace: Rana Afzal

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Finance, Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan has said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a god gifted opportunity, opening Pakistan for the rest of the world where Pakistan is at the crossroads of great prospects for playing a greater role for peace and prosperity of the entire region.

The State minister expressed these views while speaking during the roundtable arranged by the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) on CPEC and regional development here on Thursday.

Rana Muhammad Afzal further said that besides China, other regional countries including central Asian states and beyond will get the benefit of this connectivity corridor. He was of the view that due to India’s hegemonic and non-cooperative designs, SAARC has remained unfruitful for Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan needs to learn from Chinese experience of removing all practical difference and has separated economic prosperity and the entire sector from political problems. CPEC is opening new markets for Pakistan and every one must support this as in the end it will be Pakistan which is the beneficiary, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, China’s Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy, Lijian Zhao, shared that political stability, innovation, and adaptation of new technologies are a few of the contours of current economic development of China and the volume of the economy is growing for the last 40 years. He said that CPEC is meant to promote the development of Pakistan and for the entire region.

Muslim Youth University Vice Chancellor, Prof Tahir Hijazi highlighted the economic, social and other impacts of CPEC Pakistan. Quaid-I-Azam University Director School of Politics and International Relations, Nazir Hussain said that CPEC is owned by Pakistani people and not by any political party.  The governments may change but the vision of Pakistani people will remain the same for China and Chinese friends.

He said that CPEC will bring out social, economic and political change not confined only to the South Asian Region but beyond that. He further said that it will generate economic connectivity of Pakistan and there is a need to engage in a positive manner.

It was also highlighted that Pakistan needs further stability and continuity for economic prosperity. It was proposed that to reap the fruits of the projects like CPEC, there is a strong need for building strength within the country. A large number of academics, Vice Chancellors, Head of Departments, local and foreign researchers also contributed to the discussion.

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