Top banks reassure complete safety to their customers

KARACHI: In light of the recent news with regard to cyber-attacks, the top banks of Pakistan have reassured complete safety of their valuable customers.

Habib Bank Limited

HBL on Wednesday reassured that its customers were not affected in the ‘cyber attacks’. “All our systems are operating business as usual and there has been no incident to date related to compromise on customer information. Please continue freely and confidently using HBL services and products. As the leading Bank in Pakistan, HBL works closely with regulators and global payment service providers to safeguard customer information. We have been working diligently to live up to our customers’ confidence and to uphold the trust they repose in us. We have been proactively investing in our systems to ensure safety and security for our customers,” it said in a statement.

MCB Bank

MCB Bank has also issued a statement to address the confusion. “In wake of a recent incident of cyber crime related to fraudulent bank transactions due to data breach, MCB Bank would like to assure its valued customers that the customers’ data is completely safe. Not a single customer has been affected in the incident/report publicized in media. Furthermore, the bank reaffirms to remain vigilant and assure the integrity of its systems,” it said.

Silk Bank

In its statement on Wednesday, Silkbank clarified the recent posts in media and confirm that no cyber-attack has occurred on Silkbank databases nor any of its customers is affected by the reported cyber-attack on another bank. “We would like to assure our customers that Silkbank Security Protocols are backed by state-of-the-art systems that conform to the highest international standards,” it said. “Silkbank Credit Cards are secured by chip-based technology, verified by Visa online transactions and ‘Guard your Card’ features. Silkbank customers can continue to enjoy safe and secure card transactions with complete peace of mind.”

United Bank Limited

With reference to recent cybersecurity concerns, UBL assured its valued customers that the bank’s systems are secure and that they can continue to use the bank’s services in an uninterrupted manner. “Customer security is UBL’s prime focus. The bank continues to take the necessary steps to ensure that customer information and data remains protected at all times. UBL continuously invests in digital and mobile technology to enhance safety, customer experience and financial inclusion,” said a statement from the bank.

Faysal Bank

Referring to the recent news circulating in the media regarding the customer information security breaches in major Pakistani banks, Faysal Bank Limited (FBL) has reiterated and assured its customers that no such incident has been reported at the bank and that the data of all its customers is secure. “However, as a matter of reassurance, we have reviewed our systems again and found them meeting the required cybersecurity standards. FBL’s specialized Information Security function regularly reviews and updates its information security protocols to continuously strengthen and protect our network,” it added.

National Bank of Pakistan

National Bank of Pakistan and its account holders have emerged unaffected from the recent cyber-attacks, said a statement from the bank. “NBP customers are safe from any vulnerability of cyber-attacks and our customers are protected from all potential losses. NBP’s customer data is fully secured as per local and international standards. We are working in close coordination with the State Bank of Pakistan.”

Summit Bank

As a wave of recent cybersecurity attack and frauds expose the banking sector to vulnerability and concerns, Summit Bank assures its esteemed customers that the bank holds all the customer accounts in complete safety and security.

“Summit Bank has been operating normally and securely without facing any cyber threats and there has been no online or card data breach. The bank is vigilant in monitoring its online banking services and implementing effective security measures to safeguard its valuable customers,” it said.

Bank Al Habib

In reference to recent media news regarding customer data security breach of Pakistani banks, Bank AL Habib has assured its customers that the bank has deployed advance security monitoring applications for the confidentiality and safety of their data, and no breach of data has been reported.

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