Govt released Rs240.8m under PSDP to facilitate industrial sector


ISLAMABAD: The government has so far released Rs240.890 million for various developmental projects of Ministry of Industries and Production under its Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2018-19.

According to the data released by the Planning Commission of Pakistan, the government had allocated an amount of Rs769.999 million for different industry-related projects during the current fiscal year.

The government released Rs80 million for the national business development programme for small and medium enterprises against the total allocation of Rs200 million for the current fiscal year.

Similarly, Rs80 million were released for the establishment of a product development centre for composite-based sports goods in Sialkot to enhance the exports of sports goods from the country. A total allocation of Rs200 million was earmarked for the project in the current fiscal year.

In order to enhance the exports of fruits and vegetable form the country, the government had allocated an amount of Rs250 million for fruits and vegetables. In addition, it also released Rs40 million for a condiment processing centre in District Naushehroferoz, Sindh.

An amount of Rs11.480 million was released for Peshawar light engineering centre to promote light engineering. The total allocated amount for the project during the current year stood at Rs28.270 million.

In order to exploit the true potential of fresh fruits of northern areas, the government, in its development programme, had released Rs7.970 million, against the total allocation of Rs19.940 million, for fruit dehydration units in Swat, whereas it also released Rs9.350 million for Hyderabad engineering supports centre.

The Planning Commission was releasing the fund as per quarterly ceilings like the first quarter (July – September) by 20 per cent, second quarter (October– December) 20 per cent, third quarter (January– March) 30 per cent and fourth quarter (April – June) 30 per cent.


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