Non-Filers not allowed to buy immovable property or cars, FBR clarifies

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has strongly refuted the news appearing in some sections of the press which states that the new finance bill has allowed the non-filers to purchase immovable property or cars.

“The actual position is that the whole system of recognizing a non-filer as a legal entity has been done away with in the new finance bill.”

FBR has explained that under the Income Tax Ordinance, every person earning taxable income ought to file his income tax return. In case of failure of filing of returns by persons involved in significant monetary transactions, a complete mechanism has been provided in the newly-inserted 10th schedule. Such persons will not only have to pay 100pc more tax at withholding stage but will also be automatically assessed to tax and his/her imputable income will be treated as concealed income liable to penalties and prosecution.


  1. They will not be stopped from buying, as usual they will not be able to get advance tax adjusted. However, the amount paid for buying property will be considered as concealed income and could be taxed and penalised.

  2. Means this is a trap for nonfilers as jo banda b khareedayga property he will be prosecuted as his money will be considered concealed income and will b probed for source of income…plot business and trading khatam …plot prices will crash

  3. What about the Non-Resident Pakistani… ?
    Should he suppose to become a FILER, if all his legitimate “Salaried ” earnings are outside Pakistan and he wishes to bring his all service age funds back to his homeland PAKISTAN to purchase a property in his homeland.
    Government should make 3-tier sectioning, like Filer, Non-Filer and Non-Resident Pakistani.

    • Overseas Pakistani/Non Resident Pakistani (NRP) can become Filer too by submitting online tax return. There is an option inside FBR IRIS online portal called ‘voluntary income tax return by overseas Pakistani/NRP. Go inside that option and filled your overseas details and enter ‘zero’ in every income section because you have zero income in Pak and your only income is from your foreign job or business.
      Please remember to save every page/tab after entering the information before submitting it.
      I am also a NRP and have submit my tax return following the above procedure. It would hardly take 30 minutes from start to finish including registration on ‘FBR IRIS portal’.
      Hope the above clarifies.

      • Hi,

        In terms of your address you have the option to enter your overseas address or do you need to enter a Pakistani address.

        If we enter 0 for all Pakistani income then do we have to declare our overseas income/tax details please?

        Thank you

      • as a NRP, first time filling do i need to declear my property in pakistan as well which i a have buy when i was not a NRP 10 years back , and do i need to pay some tax over there now to declear ?

      • Hi Bilal, NRP have to file return since when for example I am a NRP for past 11 years. So I have to file tax only for current year?

  4. Understood in the case of property, what about in the case of cars?? Non-Filers will continue to buy cars and drive on Open Letter without transfering the car’s in their name. 70% of Non-Filers or Filers purhcase new or used cars but never ever transfer the car’s in their name.

    • Same with cars also..any nonfiler buys cars will be considered concealment of income and will be forced to file returns become a filer and will be prosecuted

  5. Fuck FBR, Fuck PTI Government Fuck Imran Khan, Fuck Usman Buzdar, PMLN Zindabad Sher Zindabad, This Bastard Government wants to Kill. Poor Go Imran Khan and Collect Tax from Your Dad Zardari and Big Tax Evaders..

    • Haha true true, the PTI government is driving this car off a cliff and into the sea. Let’s see what the PTI supporters say when all they have left is the clothes on their back. Am sure they will continue to say that it’s all someone else’s fault. But they will surely be poor and penniless by then so that gives me some satisfaction.

  6. It is fact that PTI government do not know the factual position of general public. A person who is non filer because his earning is low but he saves some money and wants to purchase car will be prosecuted? Pakistan Government is not in position to provide job opportunity to everyone and in a Faimly of eight person if only one is employed how he will arrange bread and butter for his family. Hundred percent tax filers are in those countries where there 100percent employment opportunity and people are not jobless.

    • What nonsense. The person with a low salary (below the payable threshold) enters the Tax net and declares his salary below the the minimum amount, meaning he will pay zero tax. this makes him a “Filer” too. I believe you are not aware of how many filers actually pay zero tax, just check the Active tax payers list on FBR’s site.

      The purpose is to enter the tax net and be part of the system.

  7. The people earning more than taxable income and enjoing facilities in the country, must fulfill their duties and pay all tax due against them. This is our moral obligation and responsibilities to help the country.

  8. Gand marlo hum overseas ki madarchodo…. Kya gala kaat lein hum apna…1 banda kamane wale ghar chalane wala labour driver insan zindagi bhar kama k kuch jama kre apne mulk me property lene k liye usper bhi wo prosecute hoga…ake golian mardo humko bhenchodo…

    • bhai pareshan na ho. dont abuse. overseas k liye koi problem nahi. Overseas Pakistan ke sub se important log hen. Pakistan ko ap ki zaroorat he. Ap ke liye sub kuchh asan he.
      Apne ne nil return file karni he. Voluntary return for overeseas pakistan. Aur agar aap wapas aa jaein after 5 years of overseas. phir apko concession bhi he tax mein agar ap pakistan mein business karein.

    • You overseas deserve this. because of you people there is social chaos and bubble with destruction of agricultural lands being converted into useless plots and overpricing of all the houses for poor locals. I am also overseas but I have never invested in plots.

  9. Pl become a tax return filer and get rid of all worries if u have a taxable income and do not want to conceal it otherwise face d music.

  10. Mr.Anonymous, how can a retired person living on pension be a filer??? there are huge nbrs of citizen who have lost their jobs due company closure or due to austerity measures in company’s especially in the service and manufacturing industries, how do you expect the jobless to be a filer???, how do you expect a widow or a housewife to be a filer???. Even the FBR todate cannot distinguish who is illegible to be a filer.

    • Th
      The crux is the non sense assumptive jigsaws .Your right problem is let the system of tax collectoon simple and distinguish btwn the so blasted assumed terminological imputus of de mogogues avitor imposed in the tax mafia .the nation allowed work honestly and as such majoroty of the working class is strucken with those commission mafia pf policy nonsense for amusing their so called forgpds.Delinked to grpund realities Including bullshit of this mantra TABDELI Those who cannot change their arrogance into submission to the respect of humanity as per yo THE CREATORS DIRECTION IE ALLAH ALMIGHTY S DECOSIVE PLAN IE RESPECT HIS SIGNS .RESPECT TJE FINALOTY OF SYEDUR RASUL S A W ..

  11. Once you file a tax return, you have to file it every year even if you don’t have an income. If a filer retires , he has to still file return showing his present income. If receives pension, he has to show that, which is tax free and any other source of income. eg rent, savings certificate or any other source. I think this is a good step and will help the country after initial reluctance/ apprehension of non filers is overcome.

  12. Please make tax filing easy. Minimum these tax consultant are charging 6 to 10 for new person. Can we do it directly

    • you can do it directly. it is easy dear. go iris website make register or just check out guide on google from fbr. videos are also available.

  13. Simple query and I need straight answer; do overseas Pakistanis are liable to become filers?
    If not then are they allowed to buy movable asserts in Pakistan?

    • No overseas are not liable to be filer in Pakistan unless they want to buy immovable property or higher end cars.
      Filing return for overseas does take only 15 minutes. I filed my brothers, it took total 30 minutes. So nothing to worry about.

  14. Hi,

    In terms of your address you have the option to enter your overseas address or do you need to enter a Pakistani address.

    If we enter 0 for all Pakistani income then do we have to declare our overseas income/tax details please?

    Thank you

    • Hello Azlan,
      I have entered my overseas address in that option.
      There is no legal requirement for Overseas Pakistani/Non Resident Pakistani to declare their overseas income and tax information.
      As per law there is no obligation on OP/NRP to file Income Tax Return, we are doing it on voluntary basis just to become a Filer.

  15. So basically the economy will tank while inflation rises, taxes increase and devaluation results in the value of your earnings being lower. For people who put their legitimate earnings in property due to a lack of available investment options the prices of property will fall and the will loses on this investment as well ( along with currency devaluation). Well done PTI ! You have single handedly destroyed savings and the trust in pakistan as an investment market. For Non residents and residents alike there is no longer reason to invest or trust the government . You will see the PKR / USD rate will rise to ever growing heights. This is what happens when you erode investor trust without making fundamental and hard needed changes in the economy and government efficiency first. Enjoy the steep and scary ride down to rock bottom.

  16. The stock market and foreign currency are badly affected due to uncertainty and ambiguous policy.

  17. If a non-filer owns a property of a value of greater than 3 Million rupees what will consequences for this and what he needs to do please guide?

  18. If you are a non filer and want to become a filer, and all your all your tax is deducted at source, for e.g. Government securities etc, and have no concealed income , will you still be penalised when you become a filer?

  19. It’s really bad and non sense things are done by this government & FBR……….Filler, filler, filler..,

    Now every person who is paying GST & livi taxes on petrol as well as paying GST almost on every home use food product, paying GST and other taxes in electricity bill and in gas bills.
    And you also have embossed taxes in property business.

    My question is to FBR and imran Khan who always shouted so much…,
    1:- what is system you have to check sales & purchase of any factory who are manufacturer of food or auxiliaries & collecting how much amount of Embossed GST on their sales from a common person and how much they are paying to FBR.? Either FBR employee are getting wealthy, owned cars, their children go to high paid school or colleges, their living style getting changed.., how? If we calculate 50000 salary and person has three children & wife, so it’s not possible at all to meet living expenses. But they are doing all and end of month they also have their savings. How this is possible.?.?.? Tell us and to nation how this is possible? What is the way..?.?. What is procedure?.?.?.

    Actually there are two reasons. Number One no true accountability, second this paid tax amount go to their own pockets which is not calculated And showen actually as filler or non filler paid both.
    2:- Day after day you people are introducing new after new taxes, crushing common people who are still hand to mouth.
    You have embossed 17.5% GST on 5 big productions, which are actually backbone of foriegen earnings, but On the other hand you have given tax relation to construction industry, which has nothing means currently.
    Why you are killing those industries where a number of illiterate & literate people are already attached. Do you just want to benefits your investors or Who have financed in election to politicians? It’s looking clearly so.

    3:- This one direct to PM imran Khan sb.
    In this country, the thief is now committing a big robbery. He knows that this money will devide in the hands of an investigator, a second lawyer, a third judges and a fourth part to him.

    Still justice system is so poor and so lengthy. It’s take years and years to decide cases. But no result. You shouted a lot that you will get back looted money, but yet nothing. No people is punished, no wealth taken back.., cases are just there hanged, and all burden is shifting h to poor or middle persons. You don’t feel ashame on your words, your speeches and it’s not slap on face of people who help you to elect by their vote strength?
    And if this system of justice is to remain, then the country will go to ruin. The poor people will go away. The rich man will become richer than the rich man will come. Why don’t they bring the law of death penalty for those who are involved in corruption.

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