PM gives nod to charter of economy with opposition

In a significant development, the government and the opposition have finally come together in an effort to rescue the country from its current economic woes.

Prime Minster Imran Khan has agreed to a ‘charter of economy’ to help develop consensus to work out persistent national economic problems and put forth broad policies to deal with the crumbling economy.

The Prime Minister agreed to the idea of the charter, which will constitute a national committee that will look into these economic matters. The committee will have representation from all parliamentary groups, including the opposition parties, and will have members from both the National Assembly and the Senate.

The decision was taken in a meeting between Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser, in which the two had an extensive discussion regarding parliamentary affairs and national politics.

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According to sources, the NA speaker had before the meeting met separately with both PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. The two opposition party leaders had authorised Asad Qaiser to speak on their behalf to the Prime Minister, and extend their request for cooperation on the economy.


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  1. PM should get the money from those thieves and let them go out of the country. What would Nation get by putting them in jail. Pakistan needs economic stability so let’s get sY 50 billion dollars from both (25 each) and put Pakistan on a stable course. PTI can hold a public referendum for public opinion about this reconciliratory step.

    • After some time they’ll be back with fresh support from the anti-Pakistan forces behind their “dark moves” against the sovereignty of our homeland. They should be squeezed into a hollow sponge, that can’t even reshape back to itself, and is useless to everyone including themselves.

    • I have to agree.
      Recover as much as you can and send them abroad to never return to Pakistan. They should not be allowed to take part ever in politics.
      By doing so the nation may be spared from media also which has made the nation mentally sick and every thing including the economy will make turn around. Peace of mind and work for every Pakistani. Nation would be on road to prosperity. Thanks!

  2. People would be interested to know if said Charter of Economy is bringing back to Pakistan looted and laundered money of nation which Imran Khan has so vociferously been clamoring since beginning. If not then again a farce in IK and Asad Qaiser both must have hand in agreeing anything other than that. Pakistan money exclusively belong to nation not to anybody else.

  3. If PM succeeded to recover even 10 billions $ from these two it will be sufficient rather than wasting time. PM should move on to strengthen economy if he succeeded to get economy on feet he could manage all his worries

  4. Economy in dire straits must recover the looted wealth from convicted criminals without further delay to provide relief to the millions slipping rapidly below the poverty line.

  5. Economy in dire straits must recover the looted wealth from convicted criminals without further delay to provide relief to the millions slipping rapidly below the poverty line.Let this budget become a gift to the poor of Pakistan.

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