PTA asks Zong to take down 5G advertisements

'Zong was only allowed to carry out test and trial of 5G technology and not to advertise it'

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has communicated to Zong to withdraw any advertisements that may mislead the public regarding availability of commercial services based on 5G network.

“In line with the government’s policy, cellular service provider Zong was only allowed to carry out test and trial of 5G technology and not advertise it,” a press statement issued by PTA on Tuesday read.

With reference to Zong’s recent 5G advertisements in print and electronic media, it was informed that Zong was not authorised to offer commercial mobile services based on 5G technology in the country.

According to the policy directive issued by the government, PTA has unveiled its roadmap to facilitate public testing of 5G technology and related services in Pakistan this year.

This trial was the first one to be conducted. Other cellular mobile operators would also conduct 5G trials in the future, under policy guidelines.

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  1. Thanks the PTA to provide level playing field to all licensees in Pakistan. This step of PTA will certainly be known among the ITU, Geneva member nations/Operators worldwide to please be very careful when they look towards Pakistan where Accountability is there for the world biggest mobile operator which is China Mobile is also treated at par. May I suggest the honorable Chairman PTA to consider a Code of Conduct for liensees of PTA with level plaing field, along with to provide a platform of Arbitration & Dispute Resolution by the PTA which I will be able to guide and assist yourselves in Pakistan to facilitate the licensees.

  2. In the race of generation G is a symbol in telecom., sector world wide.
    Pakistan telecom., sector in the marketing/promotion of the G’s is very prompt to propagate G’s in their marketing/promotion as “Char G” by PTA licensee company and a relevant Competition Authority by Government of Pakistan.
    Companies find it convenient to advertise Char G without any fear of the relevant Federal authorities/watch dog.

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