Raw cotton exports increase by 53.65 percent


Exports of raw cotton form the country during first quarter of current financial year increased by 53.65% as compared to the exports of the corresponding period of last year.

According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, during the period from July-September, about 6,980 metric tons of raw cotton worth $10.828 million exported as compared the exports of 4,619 metric tons valuing $7.043 million of same period of last year.

However, the exports of cotton yarn and cotton cloth decreased by 6.19% and 5.60% respectively and were recorded at $294.280 million.

On the other hand, over 6.097 million cotton bales had arrived in the local markets by the first week of current month as against the arrival of 7.706 million bales of the corresponding period of last year.


  1. Why we are exporting our raw cotton? also heard that cotton production is deteriorated this year. Why we are not converting it to high value goods that can fetch more F.C.R?


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