Broiler chicken prices on the rise


LAHORE: Due to the improper supply, the price of broiler chicken price here in the provincial capital has increased by Rs21 per Kg within two days and was being sold for Rs170 per Kg as of Wednesday, Pakistan Today learnt.

Consumers have expressed their concerns regarding this price hike. “I do not understand the reason behind increasing chicken prices during a lockdown. A majority of the population which is made of daily wagers is already suffering due to the shortage of income. How will people survive if the prices are made higher under these circumstances?” Nasreen Hameed, a customer at a poultry shop said.

Another customer at a poultry shop said, “On one hand, the government claims that there will be no price hike or shortage of food supply and on the other hand, there has been a marked increase in broiler chicken prices within two days. I am a shopkeeper myself and know how difficult it is to run the house as the shop has to remain closed except during specific hours. I do not know if it is actually a supply issue, it seems that people are making money out of this time”.

However, another poultry owner said that the problem stemmed from high demand.

“People are buying chicken in more quantity than before, fearing unavailability in the future. The demand exceeds the supply due to which prices are rising. A customer who was buying three chickens is now buying six. Meeting the demand is difficult,” he said.

Punjab Broiler Association chairman when contacted said also gave the same reason.

“Due to the ongoing lockdown, the production of broiler chicken is decreasing as compared to consumption, resulting in the price hike,” he said.


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