Govt reduces profit rates on National Savings schemes


The government has reduced the rate of profit on various National Savings Schemes by up to 5.42pc with immediate effect, according to a notification issued on Friday.

The profit rate on Defence Saving Certificate was reduced to 8.54 per cent from 10.40. Similarly, for 10-year Pensioners’ Benefit Account, Behbood Saving Certificates and Shuhadas Family Welfare Account, it has been reduced to 10.32pc from 12.24pc.

The profit rate for certificate holders of five-year Regular Income Certificates has been reduced to 8.28pc from 10.56pc, while it was reduced to 8pc from 11pc for Special Saving Certificates.

The average profit rate on certificates and accounts was reduced from 11.13pc to 8.10pc per cent.

In short-term saving certificates, the profit rate on three-month certificates has been reduced from 12.76pc to 7.80pc. On six-month certificates, the profit rate has been reduced from 12.60pc to 7.50pc.

The profit rate for 12-month certificates has been reduced from 12.37pc 6.95pc.


  1. Profit on saving schemes reduced and hence axed the so called vulnerable class of society who depend on such profits in their old age, out of their life long savings. Where as govt loses billions on keeping a large battalion of ministers/advisors and billions on feeding through rebates/ grants to almost all the white elephants, like PIA, Railways, Pakistan Steel, Wapda and what not.

  2. Very sad news about reduce NSC profit vulnerable class will effect sensitively already all peoples are effected due to dearness.

  3. I think in near future national savings’ customers will only able to withdraw their principle amount only because the govt has only way to continue reduce profit rate of poor segment of society incl pensioners… anyway poor decision taken by the govt

  4. It is very shamfull decision for govt to reduce profit rate for nsc..already old ages people facing crucial problems in their life .govt should takeback their decision and increase profit rates for natinal saving scheme.

  5. Govt.should think about widows,old citizens ,children of shudahaas and the weakest class of society.It is shameful that we crush the poor class only.

  6. if i deposit rs 3000000 for a long period but to get annual profit at the end of each an every year. so guide me what would be the one year profit on 30 lacs pls??

  7. Hello l request all olde people’s please don’t support this government In next election this is not fair one side government increase medicine price and house utilities like electric bill and other on the other side reduced profit rate
    I must if you’re not available to help old people please don’t take this type of step
    shameful step


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