Shazad Dada appointed UBL President, CEO  

KARACHI: Shazad G Dada has been appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)of United Bank limited with effect from July 1, 2020, informed the bank in a statement to the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Thursday. 

The statement further said that the Board of Directors of UBL in its meeting, held on May 6, 2020 through video conference call  decided to appoint Shazad G Dada as President and CEO of UBL with effect from July 1,  2020 for a term of three years.

According to the statement, Dada’s appointment is subject to the approval of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in this regard.

The Board while acknowledging services of outgoing president and CEO Sima Kamla, has further decided that Ms Kamil who is completing her 3 years term on May 31, 2020 will continue to perform as President and CEO till June 30, 2020, the statement added.

Earlier, Shazad stepped down as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan (SCBPL). The SCBPL announced on Wednesday that Dada had decided to step down from the CEO office. The Board of Directors of SCBPL had accepted the resignation of Dada with effect from July 1, 2020.


    • But I think Shahzad Dada will be a better banker than seema kamil. Shd isa very stuburn lady. Ate the arrears of the pensioners who are facing great difficulty in making both end’s meal.
      She violated the supreme Court decision and have not paid their arrears for at least 8 months.
      Now she has been made Deputy Governor of state Bank.
      Very competent people are sitting in State Bank.
      Some person from SBP should have been made Governor instead of her.
      Voilating supreme Court orders is a big offense.
      Here every body thinks himself as above law.
      Ya Allah pakistan kay haal par reham farma.

  1. How you can say she did good job? She became twice contempt of court in 2018 and 2019, but still not implementing court verdicts, I think she wants that trick by 3rd contempt.

  2. How you can say she did good job? She became twice contempt of court in 2018 and 2019, but still not implementing court verdicts, I think she wants that hat trick by 3rd contempt.

  3. Hope DADA will implement supreme court verdict dated 18.08.2019, in the case of Pension to ex-officers and will pay arrears of 7 months. But if she wish she can do by paying arrears before eid.

    • Supreme Court should have the powers to sack any president of any bank who does not obey the supreme Court orders.
      Any president not complying with the orders of the supreme Court should be removed from his post of he may be fined heavily.
      UBL pension is Rs8400 only anc the Bank is not paying their arrears for 8 months.
      Now one should be above law.

      • Correction, or he may be fined heavily. United Bank Ltd management should immediately pay arrears to pensioners of UBL.

      • UBL staff was scared of seema kamil.
        Now I request Respected, Shahzad Dada sahib to kindly utilize his good offices and please make payment of arrears to UBL pensioner’s to give them some relief. I hope UBL will make a big boost in the banking industry under your kind leadership God bless you sir.

  4. Agree with Tariq hanif agha, this is pakistan now it is not islamic republic here is a mass corruption and it is now CORRUPT REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, SEEMA KAMIL, became twice contempt of court but now prime minister appointed her deputy governor state bank of pakistan, supreme court must take notice of that and also take notice for appointment of Zubair soomro who destroyed UBL and was appointed president of UBL in 1997 without advertisement for post and on political influence with high salary and benefits, emoluments, but now prime minister has appointed him in PAY AND PENSION COMMITTEE, bcz his uncle Muhamad Mian soomro is minister in present government, what naib is doing, in the last I will request the same as Mr. Tariq Hanif Agha, to solve long pending decided case of arrears of pension of UBL ex-employees.

  5. Shazad G. Dada

    The Hardest thing in Pakistan is to take our rights, whether it is to be taken from Bank, hospital and police. For the moment i want my right my UBL.
    Remitance i sent to Pakistan from IRAQ and since 35days bank process is going on. Last 14years i was sending money from UAE into same account of my faimly.
    My two month salary hold in UBL and third month i have not transfer because last two month are hold.
    Bank is saying Mr.Shazad G. Dada has to sign my documents but when no idea.
    Dear Shazad after corona life very hard and your bank made life more difficult because unable to pay Utilities Bills and Schools fee of Childerns etc.

    and advised to your new bank team talk with customer in a respect way.
    please reply of my email for the further contact if you required.

  6. Dear Concern!
    Complaints registered are closed without justification and verifications under Dada’s leadership.It seems Dada sb has no influence upon COMPLAINTMANAGEMENT UNIT.


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