Govt to improve mobile broadband services, expand network

ISLAMABAD: The government is taking steps to improve the broadband services and expand the network as it has started to work on the auction of additional available frequency spectrum.

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications tweeted that “The network expansion will facilitate better digital connectivity, online education, e-commerce, etc.”

The tweet further mentioned that “Additional spectrum release/auction will help the enhancement of 4G services and subscribers base which is necessary for the successful launch of 5G technology in the country.”

Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, while talking to Business Recorder on Thursday, confirmed that the government had made available ample spectrum and decided to go for auction. 

He further said that it has the potential to raise billions of rupees in revenue as it could prove to be very resourceful for the market, but the benchmark is to be ascertained by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) through international consultants. 

The ministry had previously approached Prime Minister Imran Khan to form an advisory committee, who had directed them to approach the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) for this matter, he said. 

The ministry is now in the process of approaching the ECC, he added. 

He also said that the IT Ministry had already directed the PTA to hire a consultant who can help them to set benchmarks for the spectrum auction. 

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  1. As per tweet: Additional spectrum release/auction will help enhancement of 4G services and Subscribers. Government improve the Broadband Services/expand network as it hs started to work on the auction of additional available frequency spectrum.
    As the MOITT with ample spectrum of 4G/5G should be first sold to PTCL to upgrade the terrestrial “Dhobi Ghat” the analog network for Digital Broadband users in Pakistan which is FTTH/G-Pon, then only go for auction, to authentically switch to Digital Network G-Pon.
    All mobile companies with the exception of U-fone which is only Charjee hybrid 4G, without any 4G frequency allotted/desired. Yes Charjee device 4G is freely available from Ufone.
    This is amazing scientific fiction about Ufone Charjee.
    Since 3 Mobile companies had 4G spectrum with improved network of 4G they’re providing 4G on fiber network for FTTH/G-Pon they’re providing 4G on fiber network for FTTH/Pon in whole city providing excellent network QOS.
    UN/ITU has offered services to PTCL/Ufone, on 5G spectrum.
    The spectrum auction is the best revenue earner/credibility to the world for Pakistan as it will this will enable Pakistan MOITT to eligibility for hundreds of countries look forward to 5G, with experience of 4G and now 5G.
    PTCL is not Digitised at all. It has to be upgraded to Digitisation FTTH/G-Pon network and upgrade whole Pakistan on cellular/wireless and FTTH on the terrestrial Digital networks bringing a revolution in the country. Telenor Pakistan is offering FTTH/G-Pon in Pakistan on Digital terrestrial network in Pakistan and may possibly assist PTCL to Digitise.
    Best wishes Honorable Fed. Secretary MOITT for your concern/support to 5G spectrum.

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