Govt to provide Rs8.280bn Ramzan relief package

The federal government has approved Rs8.280 billion Ramzan relief Package to provide subsidies on 19 essential items at Utility Stores Corporation (USC).

Sources said that the government would provide Rs2.534 billion subsidy on atta, Rs750 million on sugar, Rs4.050 billion subsidy on ghee, Rs300 million subsidy on oil, Rs30 million on dal chana, Rs10 million on dal moong washed, Rs5 million on dall mash washed, Rs30 million on daal masroor, Rs50 million on white gram, Rs50 million on baisen, Rs20 million on dates, Rs25 million on rice basmati, Rs10 million on rice sella, Rs36 million on broken rice, Rs15 million on squashes, Rs40 million on squashes & syrups, Rs125 million on black tea, Rs50 million on milk and Rs50 million on spices.

The ministry of Industries and Production informed the ECC held on Monday that USC has been extending the Ramzan relief package as approved by the government across its network, with a special focus on the poor and needy since 1991.

Historically, 19 essential items have been sold at subsidized prices at USC outlets across Pakistan.  In addition, USC also negotiates better discounts from suppliers and has been able to offer reduced prices on other more than 1,000 items. 

Since Ramzan relief package is a regular feature, customers have come to expect special discounted prices at USC outlets during Ramzan which leads to sharp increase in footfall from customers. 

USC management also strives to ensure availability of goods across its network in order to ensure that maximum relief is extended to the deserving segment. 

This year, USC is working hard to make arrangements for the upcoming Holy month of Ramzan. Proposed Ramzan relief package 2022 is based on actual sales from previous year’s Ramzan and current subsidy being offered on essential items under the Prime Minister’s Relief package 2020.  

The ECC was informed that it is expected that more customers will be heading to USC outlets to get better prices than the open market given the inflationary pressure in 2022, which will drive up USC sales.

The ministry also informed the ECC that USC is now equipped with POS systems across its network. There is full transparency and traceability of each transaction.

This is a significant development which will greatly enhance efficiency, control and will minimize cases of black marketing. 

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