Power shortfall recedes to 5500MW due to monsoon, vacations

Total electricity supply stands at 22,000 MW against demand of 27,500 MW

LAHORE: Power shortfall in the country has receded to 5500 megawatts due to monsoon and vacations, it was learnt on Sunday.

According to officials in the Power Division, electricity demand in the country is 27,500 megawatts while the supply is 22,000 megawatts. The electricity quote of LESCO is 4,000 megawatts while the demand is 4200 megawatts.

LESCO sources said that load-shedding of 2-4 hours prevails in rural and urban areas of Lahore. Neelum Jehlum and Gaddu Shewal power plants are still not operational.

The power shortfall is being caused by a shortage of gas, coal and oil to produce electricity.

On July 30, the power shortfall in the country increased to 6,200 megawatts, the demand was 28,600 while the supply lagged at 22,400 megawatts.

According to the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) sources, the electricity shortfall in the country has increased to 6,200 megawatts.

An average of 4-8 hours of load-shedding prevails in the country, NTDC reported.

Powerplants across the country are facing oil and gas shortages, however, the power demand in the LESCO feeder has reduced due to the monsoon season.

The shortfall in Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) remained at 300 MW, resulting in three to four hours of load-shedding in the city.

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