People like Sidra Humaid shouldn’t be allowed to cheat investors out of crores without at least a stock exchange license: Absa Komal

Coming down harshly on the recent trend of informality across all fields, Dawn News anchor Absa Komal has said that people like Sidra Humaid – who has to pay investors’ Rs 420 million in a tripwiring of saving committees gone wrong – should not be allowed to do so without at least being registered on the Pakistan Stock Exchance (PSX.)

“First it was the pawwry girl, who got cast in ad campaigns and television serials, then it is the dil pukaaray aaja tiktokker, who seems set to get roles over students studying the theatrical arts in colleges, and now it is Sidra Humaid, who isn’t even registered on the stock exchange,” she said, speaking at a literary festival.

“In fact, I have been told she hasn’t even ever been to II Chundrigar Road even once,” she said. “How do you think that affects the mental health of all those youngsters who are working at the brokerage firms and want to screw people out of their money fair and square?”

“Seriously, there is just no appreciation for talent and expertise in this country, and it is all just ditzy but well-packaged, meaningless fluff,” said the mouth on the pretty face.

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


The Dependent
The Dependent
This is a work of fiction and does not present itself as the truth. Learn to take a joke; you'll live longer.


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