Dar, US ambassador meet in Islamabad as IMF deal remains stalled

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and US Ambassador Donald Blome on Friday held a meeting aimed to address Pakistan’s pressing economic challenges wherein Dar also touched upon the stalled IMF loan programme.

The finance minister assured Ambassador Blome of Pakistan’s commitment to completing the IMF programme despite the obstacles. However, discussions focused on the enduring bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States, particularly in the economic and trade sectors.

Dar shared insights into the government’s economic policies and priorities, aimed at fostering stability and growth.

Ambassador Blome expressed confidence in the Pakistani government’s policies and programs, highlighting their potential for economic sustainability and social uplift. He extended support for promoting bilateral economic, investment, and trade relations.

Despite the impasse, Pakistan is actively exploring alternatives to meet financial obligations and seeking support from other sources, including China.

Both parties acknowledged the urgency of addressing the obstacles and reaffirmed their dedication to strengthening bilateral relations.

In conclusion, the meeting highlighted the significance of addressing the stalled IMF deal and finding effective solutions to Pakistan’s economic challenges. The government’s commitment and the support from the United States reflect a shared determination to overcome obstacles and foster economic stability.


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