Punjab Board of Revenue implements strict measures to expedite property mutation process

No construction in Murree permitted without obtaining NOC from 10 departments says SMBR

LAHORE: The Punjab Board of Revenue has announced that the process of property mutation must be completed within seven days under all circumstances. Furthermore, arrangements will be made to deliver the necessary documents to the public at their doorstep after the mutation process, while stern action will be taken against officers and officials who fail to complete the mutation within the stipulated time frame.

According to details, a special meeting was held in the Committee Room of the Board of Revenue, chaired by Senior Member of the Punjab Board of Revenue, Nabeel Javed. 

The meeting was attended by Tax Member Tariq Qureshi, Director General of Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA) Saira Omar, Deputy Commissioner Sahiwal Akram-ul-Haq, and other officers.

The Senior Member of the Board of Revenue (SMBR) Punjab informed the committee about the progress regarding registration and mutation, and provided a detailed briefing on the progress made by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) in implementing online challan procedures.

Meanwhile, SMBR stated that the commissioners and deputy commissioners across the province should ensure the timely implementation of all mutation cases within seven days. He also directed the immediate submission of cases for amendment in Rule 108 of the West Pakistan Land Revenue Act, 1929, to his office.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that the Punjab Land Records Authority should initiate registration on all service centers and develop a module for biometric metrics of parties. The Director-General of the Punjab Anti-Corruption, Deputy Inspector General of Environment, and Deputy Secretary of Finance, along with others, were instructed to present recommendations in a separate meeting regarding third-party certification for the DG PLRA and Member Taxes Construction Area.

Later, under the leadership of SMBR, a meeting was convened in the committee room to discuss the incident at Murree. 

The meeting was attended by the Secretary of Tourism, Director PDMC Tariq Mahmood Bokhari, Secretary Revenue Mehr Shafqatullah Mushtaq, Anti-Corruption Authority, DG Environment, Deputy Secretary Finance, and Forests among others. Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chatha, DC Rawalpindi, and other officials participated in the meeting via video link. 

The officials from the Anti-Corruption Authority presented a report to the Senior Member of the Board of Revenue regarding the violations of building bylaws in Murree. During the meeting, it was decided to demolish the violating buildings and not tolerate any pressure. 

Additionally, no construction in Murree would be allowed without obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the 10 departments of the NOC. A joint action team would be formed in collaboration with the Urban Unit to eradicate illegal encroachments on the Murree Expressway, and construction of Galiyat By-Pass would be initiated. Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Liaquat Ali Chatha, was instructed to oversee the construction work.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that necessary measures should be taken to ensure the safety of tourists and residents in Mari to prevent any recurrence of incidents like the Mari tragedy. All departments, including the Meteorological Department and PDMC, were directed to enhance coordination.

Moreover, it was decided to notify the sites of parking plazas for the convenience of tourists in Mari, and awareness should be provided to school children for traffic discipline.

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, a crackdown was announced against the sale of plastic bags in Murree, and strict actions would be taken against violators. It was also decided that no tree-cutting would be tolerated, and special measures would be taken to protect forests from fire hazards.


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Shahab Omer
Shahab Omer
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