Pakistan set to launch 5G in July next year

Telecommunication tribunal and an action advisory committee for 5G will be formed within three weeks, says Dr Umar Saif

Caretaker Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication Dr Umar Saif said that Pakistan is set to launch 5G service in July next year, with plans to auction 300 MHz spectrum.

In a media briefing, the interim minister highlighted the anticipated growth of Pakistan’s IT exports in the Middle East, citing memorandums of understanding (MoUs) signed with three Qatari companies as contributing factors.

Dr Saif addressed ongoing efforts by the government to resolve issues faced by telecommunication companies regarding the implementation of 5G technology.

He disclosed plans to establish a telecommunication tribunal within three weeks and the formation of an action advisory committee for 5G.

Additionally, a consultant will be hired to oversee the 5G action plan, expressing optimism that all telecommunication companies will participate in the spectrum auction.

Dr Saif underscored the importance of women’s participation in decision-making and emphasized the need to provide equal opportunities for women in business. The government has launched various schemes to support women in entrepreneurship.

The occasion also featured a ceremony hosted by the World Bank Group, marking the conclusion of the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) in Pakistan.

Dr Saif highlighted the government’s crucial role in supporting women’s entrepreneurship and access to finance.

Over its three-year span, WeFi collaborated with 30 top-tier incubators and accelerators, enhancing their capacity to integrate gender-lens investment-readiness into their curricula, he said. 



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