No decision yet on election day mobile, internet shutdown, says official 

Speculation addressed as authorities evaluate security needs ahead of general elections; businesses express concern over potential disruptions

In a recent statement, Colonel Sheraz, a prominent member of caretaker Federal Interior Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz’s team, addressed the speculation surrounding the potential shutdown of mobile networks and internet services during the forthcoming general elections.

Speaking to Profit, he stated unequivocally that no decision has yet been made concerning this issue. The determination of whether to proceed with such a shutdown will hinge on the evolving security needs and assessments closer to the election period.

This clarification comes against a backdrop of widespread rumors and concerns among the public, propagated through various social media platforms. Many citizens have voiced apprehensions about the implications of such a shutdown on Election Day, primarily due to security considerations. The prospect of disrupting mobile and internet connectivity had raised alarms over the potential negative impact on business operations and the general conduct of daily affairs.

Colonel Sheraz’s announcement aims to quell these concerns by indicating that the decision will be made based on necessity, with careful consideration of the potential consequences on both security and civilian life. The situation remains fluid, and authorities are likely to monitor developments closely as the elections approach, ensuring that any action taken is in the best interest of public safety and order.

However, in this context, the Ministry of Interior’s PR Officer, Qadir Yar Tawana, also informed that no such decision has been made yet.

Shahab Omer
Shahab Omer
The writer is a member of the staff and can be reached at [email protected]


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