Three companies represent Pakistan at Motobike Istanbul 2024

United Auto unveils its latest bike lineup, Darson Industries and Ghauri Tyre & Tube come up with their range of two-wheeler tires

ISLAMABAD: The bustling streets of Istanbul reverberated with the excitement of motorbike and bicycle enthusiasts as Motobike Istanbul 2024, the premier international exhibition, unfolded at the Istanbul Expo Center from March 20 to March 23, 2024. 

As per details shared by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), organised with the support of MOTED and MOTODER, the event brought together over 300 brands worldwide, showcasing the latest in motorbike and bicycle parts, components, and accessories. Amongst the brands were three Pakistani brands as well.

Attracting 134,938 visitors over four days, Motobike Istanbul 2024 emerged as the largest edition of the event yet. 

Two Pakistani exhibitors displayed only spare parts in the form of tyres and tubes. Darson Industries and Ghauri Tyre and Tube came up with their range of two-wheeler tires, appealing to potential buyers. 

Meanwhile, United Auto Industries, a household name in the local motorbike industry, unveiled their latest bike lineup, infusing the global stage with their Pakistani innovation.

Mian Muhammad Affan, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ghauri Tyre and Tube, said that the event was transformative. 

“Motobike Istanbul was a game-changer for us,” he shared. 

“As first-time participants, we were thrilled to connect with buyers from Turkey, Algeria, and Serbia. The positive response has fueled our excitement for future international opportunities.”



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