US top export, China top import destination for Pakistan in 2015

The United States remained a top export destination for Pakistani products during the fiscal year 2015 while China was the top import destination from where goods were traded into the country.

Out of the total $22.09 billion exports, the Pakistani exports to the US stood at $3.66 billion during FY-2015 followed by China wherein Pakistani products worth $1.93 were dispatched during the year, according to Pakistan Business Council (PBC) report.

Top ten destinations of Pakistani exports during FY2015

United States ($3.66bn)
China ($1.93bn)
Afghanistan ($1.72bn)
United Kingdom ($1.57bn)
Germany ($1.15bn)
United Arab Emirates ($0.90bn)
Spain ($0.78bn)
Bangladesh ($0.70bn)
Netherlands ($0.67bn)
Italy ($0.62bn)

Top ten sources of imports for Pakistan during FY2015

China ($11.02bn)
United Arab Emirates ($5.73bn)
Saudi Arabia ($3.01bn)
Indonesia ($2.04bn)
United States of America ($1.92bn)
Japan ($1.73bn)
Kuwait ($1.71bn)
India ($1.67bn)
Germany ($0.97bn)
Malaysia ($0.91bn)


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Menahil Haider
Menahil Haider
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