Apple to launch new AI-based code completion tool

This tool aims to emulate the functionality of Microsoft's Copilot 

Apple is set to introduce its new artificial intelligence tool designed to assist in writing software code, potentially as part of its Xcode software within this year, Bloomberg reported. 

This tool aims to emulate the functionality of Microsoft’s Copilot, offering the capability to automatically complete lines and even blocks of code based on the initial input from developers. 

Additionally, Apple is reportedly exploring further AI integrations within its product lineup, including the generation of Apple Music playlists and the creation of slide decks for business presentations. 

A notable enhancement is expected for Apple’s “Spotlight” search feature, which will offer deeper integration with apps, allowing for more precise control over app-specific features. 

Despite offering Xcode to developers at no cost, Apple maintains a $99 annual fee for app submissions to its app stores. 

Apple has yet to officially comment on these reports.

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