Dastgir invites Qatari private sector to invest in Pakistan

The Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgir Khan invited Qatari private sector to invest in Pakistan and assist in bringing parity to trade balance, which had shifted heavily
towards Qatar after Pakistan’s $16 billion, 15-year agreement to buy Liquefied Natural Gas.

Khurram Dastgir Khan was leading a 26-member group of Pakistani businessmen on a visit to Qatar Chamber in Doha, a press release received here said.

He was received by the Vice-Chairman Muhammad Bin Ahmed Bin Towar Al Kuwari and members of the Board of Qatar Chamber. The minister highlighted major economic advances Pakistan has made in recent years, and particularly made reference to accelerating GDP growth, outstanding gains in Pakistan Stock Exchange, rapidly spreading peace, stabilization of public finances, imminent resolution of energy crisis, and the extraordinary mobilization of projects under China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

In his interaction with Qatar Chamber, Minister for Commerce
identified energy infrastructure, rice and food processing, tourism,
commercial real estate, and IT sectors in Pakistan as having immense
potential for Qatar investment.

He asked Qatar Chamber to urge its government to facilitate
visas for Pakistani businessmen. The vice chairman of Qatar chamber welcomed the minister for commerce warmly and commended him for bringing a substantive
delegation for business-to-business interaction with Qatari private sector.
In their comments, board members of Qatar Chamber indicated lack of marketing by Pakistani manufacturers and producers as one of the biggest impediments in increasing exports.

Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgir concluded the meeting by appreciating Qatar Chamber’s hospitality and asking it to finalize names for Pak-Qatar Joint Business Council at the earliest so its inaugural meeting could take place.

Minister’s interaction at Qatar Chamber was followed by business-to-business meetings between Pakistani companies and Qatari counterparts. This was the minister’s first visit to the Qatar Chamber, and he was accompanied by Pakistan’s Ambassador Shahzad Ahmed and Commercial Secretary Arbab Qaisar.

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