Imports rise 6.64pc to reach $4.834b during July 2017

Islamabad: Pakistan’s imports registered a 36.74pc year-on-year increase alongside 6.64pc rise on a month-on-month basis to reach $4.834b during July 2017 as per data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday.

Oil, eatables and machinery imports registered a rise of 33pc to reach $2.49b from $1.872b in same period last year (SPLY).

Food product imports which include spices, tea, soybean oil, pulses and sugar went up by 43pc to reach $534.693m from $375.512m in SPLY.

Machinery imports recorded an upsurge of 41pc attributable to generators and machinery to reach $1.01b during July 2017 in comparison to $721.460m in SPLY.

Power machinery imports surged up by 59.85pc during July 2017 to reach $286.374m.

Oil imports surged up by 21.72pc to reach $946.958m during July 2017 in comparison to $778.009m in SPLY.  Rise in import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) was seen alongside a surge in imports of raw and petroleum products was also registered in the period under review.

Office and textile machinery imports went into the red in July 2017.

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