PSX stops trading early due to technical fault


KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) stopped working, trading at counters, at 2:10 pm due to some technical fault in its IT section, the sources informed Pakistan Today here on Wednesday.

“The technical fault occurred in the trading and exposure management system at 2:10 pm,” the source said and since that time it could not be reopened till 5 pm.

However, the fault was reported at 2:10 and the suspension straight away, PSX has circulated a memo which informs all the TRE Certificate holders of the Exchange of the temporary suspension of trading on the platform.

PSX says the PSX IT team is working effortlessly to sort out the problem and the trading will go back to normal as soon as the problem is fixed.

According to the details, PSX will inform all the traders once the service is up and running and they will also extend the trading time due to this cut off service time.

It may be recalled that the PSX recently hired a highly paid technical team to maintain the smooth operation of the stock market.