Pakistan signs $5mn grant agreement with World Bank

ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan signed a grant agreement with the World Bank amounting to $ 5 million for “Multi-Sectoral Action for Nutrition (MSAN) Project” for Sindh in Economic Affairs Division (EAD).

The project development objectives are to increase the dietary diversity and improve sanitation and hygiene practices in targeted project areas in Sindh Province. The project will contribute to improving the underlying conditions leading to chronic malnutrition through a sanitation intervention focusing on behavioural change to improve hygiene practices and achieve open defecation-free villages, and an agriculture intervention to introduce production of nutritious food for consumption through homestead gardening practices and increasing household knowledge of food and nutrition.

MSAN is financed by a grant from the Pakistan Partnership for Improved Nutrition (PPIN) trust fund administered by the Bank in an amount of $ 5 million (with a total commitment of $ 17.56 million which will be disbursed in tranches). The grant has following three components:

  • Support to Saaf Suthro Sindh
  • Agriculture for nutrition
  • Project management, monitoring, and coordination

The grant agreement was signed by EAD Secretary Arif Ahmed Khan on behalf of the Government of Pakistan and World Bank Country Director Patchamuthu Illangovan. The government of Sindh Agriculture Secretary Supply and Prices Department Sajid Jamal Abro signed the project agreement on behalf of the government of Sindh.

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  1. What a shame! Begging and borrowing to clean up Sindh which will never be cleaned cause sindhies are dirty people. Educate them first.

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