‘Marketers should highlight Pakistan’s success stories globally’

  • K-Electric CMO says in order to champion customer satisfaction, every touch point a customer has with your organisation must be relevant, anticipated and effortless

KARACHI: With Pakistan’s growing economy and demographic strength, the country is progressing sustainably and is expected to attract a number of foreign investors in different sectors, said K-Electric Chief Marketing and Communication Officer Syed Fakhar Ahmed.

“The country has a huge untapped potential and there are immense opportunities in various sectors with lucrative market size and favorable environment that foreign organizations must explore,” he opined during his presentation at Marketing Conference 2019, organised by the Marketing Association of Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention that Fakhar Ahmed has represented the country on various international forums. He has over 20 years of leadership experience and has successfully led several businesses and turnarounds.

“As marketers, it is our responsibility to highlight the strengths our country possesses in the form of effective success stories, be it recognizing the large market size with over 200 million of population, self-sufficiency in food production, emergence of a large middle class, abundance of natural resources and the list goes on,” he remarked.

He said that today, virtually every company is leveraging the digital frontier and sharing effective customer experiences across all channels, adding that marketers must realise that the customer journey should evolve as the customer interacts with your brand from in-store, to mobile, email, online, sales and support.

“In order to champion customer satisfaction and achieve business results, every touch point a customer has with your organisation must be relevant, anticipated and effortless. Today, marketing is increasingly responsible for the entire customer experience than ever before and its influence is beyond just customer acquisition,” he said.

Regarding K-Electric, he shared that KE’s transformation, from an underutilised strategic asset before 2009, to a leading energy player, represented one of the global power industry’s most well recognised operational turnaround stories.

Over the years, KE has achieved substantial progress and improvement, subsequently leading to an operational and financial turnaround of the company, he added.

He also quoted a recent global report which showed that 91pc of companies say that their marketing teams have a strong executive voice. “As marketing continues to spearhead digital transformation and its influence in guiding the customer journey continues to grow, several growth areas will lead marketing strategy in the future,” Fakhar concluded.


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