Details of offshore drilling to be announced within a week: minister

  • ‘Team working at Kekra-1 well has received pressure signals’

Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Zaidi has said that the details regarding the discovery of oil and gas at Kekra-1 well would be announced within a week, a private media outlet reported.

“There are only 26 metres more to go in the search for oil and gas,” Ali Zaidi said, adding that the team working on offshore drilling along the coast of Karachi has found pressure signals after drilling up to 5,474 metres.

He said the drilling work had not been completed yet and it would continue till 5,500 metres.

“The oil reservoir is most probably releasing the pressure from different points, which is a good sign,” he said in a statement.

The minister said blowout preventer caps had been installed at pressure signals, adding that the drilling has restarted after pressure testing.

The maritime affairs minister admitted the drilling work was supposed to be completed in 60 days, but it had reached 120 days now.

“Only few days are remaining and the final result will come out in a week,” he maintained.

Earlier, it was reported that testing had started to gauge the quantity of oil and gas at Kekra-I drilling site.


  1. Incompetent and immature PM and ministers always becomes excited before results and give early statements bound people with nothing but big hopes

    • No brother. The information was intentionally released. And the confirmation is also made. Just wait

  2. Thankfully the initial indicators in this search are extremely positive. But the politicians & the ilk need to exercise a degree of caution in making these preemptive statements or risk the country being made a laughing stock.

  3. just result oriented statements must be given in media. Its first time that some govt has taken some initiative for gas and oil exploration in the deep sea area.

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