Telenor Microfinance Bank appoints Mudassar Aqil as CEO


The Board of Directors (BOD) of Telenor Microfinance Bank has appointed Mohammad Mudassar Aqil as the bank’s new chief executive officer. He will officially join the bank on 1st November 2019, subject to all regulatory approvals.

Mudassar has been actively involved in the banking and microfinance industry. He has served as the CEO of FINCA Microfinance Bank since 2011.

Mudassar is a mission centred person with established experience in leading change. Prior to joining FINCA, he spent 14 years with leading commercial banks in Pakistan and the United States. He also serves as a director on the board of Pakistan Microfinance Network.

Telenor Group’s Head of Emerging Asia and Telenor Microfinance Bank’s Board Chairman Irfan Wahab Khan said, “After a thorough and wide-ranging selection process, the board is delighted to appoint Mudassar Aqil to lead TMB. Having worked in a variety of senior management roles, Mudassar has a deep understanding and experience of our business, the industry, and the market in which we operate. He is a strong, dynamic, and value-driven leader with an impressive track record of delivering consistent high-quality performance. The Board warmly welcomes Mudassar and is confident that the bank will continue to thrive and lead the microfinance and digital financial services sector in the country.”

Commenting on his appointment, Mohammad Mudassar Aqil said, “I am extremely thankful to the board for providing me with the opportunity to lead this prestigious organization and work towards greater financial inclusion in communities across Pakistan. As part of my efforts, I look forward to realizing Telenor Microfinance Bank’s commitment and I am hopeful that together we will redouble our efforts in bringing financial empowerment to our society as a whole.”


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