Mobile phone imports surge 35pc

The import of mobile phones and dry fruits witnessed a surge of 35pc and 12.66pc during the first quarter of the current fiscal year. However, the import of tea decreased by 31pc while that of pulses dropped 22.37pc.

According to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, mobile phones worth $260.90 million were imported in the first three months (July to September) of FY20, as compared to the imports of $190.92 million during the same quarter last year.

Meanwhile, tea imports reduced by 31pc, standing at $100.22 million during the period review.

Furthermore, the import of cream and infant milk reduced by 14.88pc, palm oil by 25.38pc, sugar by 18.16pc while a significant 60.68pc reduction was witnessed in the import of construction and mining machinery.


  1. Thanks for the recent update of PROFIT Pakistan Today on the positive statistics of Cell Phone which has increased. After smuggling and grey channels the legitimacy/sectoral reform is Import figures and would be supported locally from respective distributors channels, and reduced prices due to volume imports.
    Winter seasonal high imports of dry fruit, is a big figure. I would suggest the import of Almond from authentic sources of international almond growing orchards. The best prices are from California State the biggest almond grower in the world. I shall be too pleased to help the Utility Stores Corporation a Government body to import Almond in Bulk from California of the best quality on earth via Utility Stores Corporation which should be without any kick back directly from growers from California State, and distributed in Pakistan at the lowest possible. The Governments initiative is the gift of winter Almonds at he best possible prices. I will also volunteer the USC for placing orders, and invite the rep., of California State Almond Growers group to visit Pakistan for the best prices, to stop smuggling, under-invoicing.
    I suggest the local prices of smart phones should be reduced as bulk import would bring down prices, and effective support, trace/track if lost/stolen by technology from the distributors.

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