LAHORE: The Ministry of Commerce has asked the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to submit daily reports regarding the impact of coronavirus outbreak on the Pakistani market.

According to a letter issued by the ministry, “TDAP and all its regional offices in the provincial capitals may furnish reports for the perusal of the Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and Secretary Commerce at the end of every day.”

As per the prescribed template, the TDAP headquarter and all the offices have been asked to get in touch with private stakeholders and public departments on a daily basis to get information for any possible supply chain disruptions for export-oriented sectors (by phone/email etc).

Similarly, the TDAP has also been assigned to form a liaison with ports and border management authorities to get an update on delays in shipments to and from China and prepare data analysis of import and exports.

In addition, the authority has been asked to prepare a report on domestic production, supply-side issues, commercial intelligence and media concerns.

Earlier on Thursday, Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood had said that the government had not yet firmed up the exact amount of losses expected to be incurred on account of coronavirus. However, he had stated the loses would be more on the imports from China.

A TDAP official from Lahore informed this scribe that most of the “petty items” were coming in Pakistan from China.

“Now we are all set to keep a check on daily trade activity. We are already in contact with private stakeholders and border management authorities in this regard.”


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