Customers report increasing incidents with fraudulent sellers on’s communication manager says such incidents should not have happened and company will resolve customer complaints immediately

LAHORE: Incidents of customers becoming victims of frauds done by sellers on have increased amid the lack of regulation pertaining to e-commerce in Pakistan.

In one incident, Dr Adnan Nabeel, a customer of, looking to take advantage of ‘Azadi Sale’ on the e-commerce portal ordered an internal hard drive for his laptop on August 4. However, in place of the hard drive, only a hard drive case was delivered to him.

The cost of the hard drive on was mentioned at Rs8,426. Nabeel’s order was to be delivered at his house on a Cash on Delivery (CoD) basis. “On August 7, I was at my office when I received a message from a courier service intimating that my order will be delivered shortly at my house,” he said.

When Nabeel got home, his order (order number 118918732114613) had already been received. However, he later found out that the seller had dispatched a hard drive case instead of a hard disk. The value of the hard drive case Nabeel claims would be about Rs500 as opposed to the Rs8,426 listed on’s website for the hard disk.

Nabeel claims that he visited the service/complaint center located in DHA Lahore to lodge a complaint regarding the incident. However, the representatives refused to lodge the complaint claiming that the order was not from

According to Nabeel, the order had been placed from’s mobile application and was wrapped in’s packaging which lends credit to his stance that the order was in fact the responsibility of the company.

However, after repeated arguments and insistence from Nabeel, the representatives at the outlet agreed to lodge his complaint and asked him to wait for the company’s reply regarding a refund on his order.

Nabeel further complained that does not list complete information of its sellers on its website or mobile application nor does it have a clear policy for cases of fraud.

According to Nabeel he could only find the name and an incomplete address of the seller on’s website. The name of the seller was stated as Waqas while his address only mentioned the word ‘Pak-Collection’.

A similar complaint was also lodged by another customer against the said seller. The customer whose order number was 119037542690545 had also ordered a hard drive for his laptop from the’s application.

“I realized from the weight of the delivered package that it did not have a hard disk so I took it to the Daraz’s customer service center in DHA Lahore. When the package was opened in front of their representative, only a hard drive case came out of it. The name of the seller who had to fulfill my order was also Waqas and his address was also stated as ‘Pak-Collection’,” he says.

The’s representatives have registered the customer’s complaint which is still in process.

Another individual, Muhammad Qasim, who visited the’s customer care center complained that he had come to return an order which he had never placed. “Now I am being made to wait,” he said while complaining regarding the customer unfriendly attitude of’s representatives at the center.

A seller registered on, while talking to Profit said that he had only provided his National Tax Number (NTN) number and a scanned picture of his cheque to in order to get registered.

“I was told that I will receive flyers and essentials in three to four days indicating that I am registered with as a seller. The quality of products that I sell is not physically checked by,” he said adding that such an easy sign up procedure opens avenues of fraud for sellers.

On the other-hand, Public Relations and Communication Manager Pireh Shafiq said that she is not sure if the above incidents point towards a problem at the sellers end or at the courier company’s end.

“We have a very long process to register sellers. First their bank details, NTN number and some formalities are completed and then they are registered. We refund where such an issue arises. Training courses are also offered to sellers through Daraz universities,” she said adding that has taken the seller against whom complaints were launched off of its website.

“Such an incident should not have happened at all and we will resolve our customer’s complaint immediately,” Pireh said.

Moreover, an official of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) while talking to Profit said that “People in Pakistan are turning to e-commerce and are buying online which increases chances of fraud. Consumers are shown a branded mobile phone online but an unbranded mobile phone is delivered to them. The problem in Pakistan is that there is nobody that keeps a check on such online businesses. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) regulates physical businesses but no institution has been set up for online entities.”

“We have a law and enforcement agency for such cases like FIA, but in order to allow online businesses there must be an institution that licenses all such companies. The government should have details regarding their business volume and the amount of tax that they are pay.”

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Shahab Omer
Shahab Omer
The writer is a member of the staff and can be reached on [email protected]


  1. Daraz facilitates fraud. For each sale, the customer can write a review. Daraz prefills the 5 stars for each review!!! So even if the innocent customer who has been cheated, writes in comments that he had ordered a new Panasonic vacuum cleaner, he was sent a used Hitachi one with a broken rod, he forgets to change the 5 stars above the review that are pre filled by daraz to 1 star and the fake product shows a great rating with several 5 star reviews. This way more innocent buyers fall into the trap.

    Also returning the product is difficult especially during this pandemic. The product needs to be taken to the daraz office and complaint needs to be filled there. For small items, the fuel costs and time involved are not worth it! So people would rather leave a ‘5 star’ bad review to vent out their frustration.

    • Entirely agree with the writer. I have recently been the victim of a similar fraud, luckily the amount involved was not much. Draz being the largest and arguably the most popular online shopping site should be extra-vigilant to safeguard its brand name. Presently, it has reduced its role to a passive post office just connecting the sellers and buyers. It should not leave the regulatory and oversight funtion to the government as that would be the beggining of the end of online shopping in Pakistan.

    • Hi Mrs.Ehsan, this is Omair from Daraz and I feel sorry to hear that you found the return process difficult. We’re always working to make the process easier for our customers and recently we resume the return pickup service for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad so the customer don’t need to go out and drop off his/her package. Please share your order details and I’ll take care of it for you.

      Regarding the five star review thing, we are continuously educating our customers through our youtube channel, live videos, Facebook posts as we believe reviews and ratings are super important for both customers and sellers. However, we truly welcome such suggestions and constructive feedback from our valued customers. We will definitely see what can be done about it.

  2. I may self ordered a treadmill from daraz and after a wait of almost 10 days received a faulty treadmill ,when I reached Daraz help center , they told me to fill an online return form, which was not available at all. Its being a month since I placed the order, its still in process for return.
    A very annoying and pathetic service.

    • Hi Qasim, it’s unfortunate that you had to go through this and I want to take care of this for you immediately. Please share your order details and I’ll get it fixed asap!

  3. Dear.
    It is not only customers but sellers are also victims of Fraud Customers.
    Customers order a product and return the used or low quality product of same product class.
    A customer from Lahore orders latex gloves which costs around 1000 rupees and returned with polythene gloves which costs RS 50. He did with a seller with different names of lahore’s same area that is mughalpoora. Claim placed to Daraz but they rejected the claim

  4. Daraz has become pathetic these days… I myself ordered branded doctor set for my kids and got an awful cardboard plastic stuff that wasn’t even worth rps.200.. my husband went to return n to e process was so frustrating that he said it’s not worth it…
    My serious suggestions that pls stop using only then they will improve their policies

    • Hi Marium, this is Omair from Daraz and I can understand why you’d be upset. This is on us and I’ll be in touch with you on this. Please share your order details and I would love to bring your smile back.

      Regarding the return process, I want to share with you that Daraz resumes it’s return pickup facility for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad so you don’t have to go out and drop off your parcel anymore.

  5. I ordered a laptop hard disk from daraz for my friend and got a used one. It was working so my friend didn’t want to return. Mr. Imran is also right, this not only sellers but customers are also fraud. We, as a nation are fraud, from government to business and customers, there are frauds everywhere. No one has the right to blame others.

  6. Hv been deceieved twice through on line purchases @ daraz portal but couldn’t lodge complaints due to unawareness about this so called complaint officials / office.
    Anyhow, from my point of view I would never prefer in future to purchase anything through daraz portal and its fraud sellers.

    • Hi Arshad, I completely understand how frustrating it is and would like to look into this right away! All you have to do is just share your order details and I’ll make the things right for you.

  7. There are also many customers who are scamming daraz. They buy receive product and return duplicate product instead of original.

  8. is also doing fraud with sellers. They are also not paying him on time. My payment also pending from couple of months….still not response by daraz after a lot of complains.

    • Hey Haider, this is Khawar from Daraz. I understand how you feel, I am very sorry. Please share any of your complain number and I am very keen to resolve it asap.

  9. Well so many complaints against daraz… I might be the only one who is gonna talk in support of daraz… I have been shopping from daraz since 3 years. But i never faced any issue. I get good products from daraz. I had never face issue with return they refunded my order on time and paid me back. There attitude is positive never misbehaved. Am i someone special for daraz ??? 🤔
    If not believed you can chek my reviews on all orders, even negetive reviews are also still present there.

    • What are you trying to prove by posting this here? Probably, you are social media troll, doing a propaganda for

      I placed a an order for L’Oreal Men’s face, beard and hair wash (200ml), costing me Rs. 850 (including delivery charges). But last day, I received instead a L’Oreal men’s hair and beard styling cream (75ml), but costing me Rs. 850. If this is not a fraud then what is it? I took screenshots of original product, and shipment confirmation email containing the same product image, and what I actually received. I sent an email to, but they gave no response till today.

      • Hey Sarfaraz, I’m deeply sorry this has happened to you. It’s not the experience we wish to create for any of our customers. Please share your order details and I’ll would love to turn it into a pleasant one.

    • I agree with Rabail. I had been shopping from AliExpress in the past. When Daraz became useful to me, I was very happy. Looking at my orders, I have bought almost 32 items from daraz in the past few years including a vacuum cleaner, floor mop, clothes, mechanical keyboard, logitech branded mouse, 12v battery charger, gardening pruners, etc

      I try to always buy using the “Daraz Mall” filter. I have only, if ever, seen imperfection from third-party sellers. Even then, it was not too disappointing.

      I think is fine as long as you buy things that have a few good reviews and you trust the seller/shop that you’re buying from on

  10. I gived full full payment to daraz for smart fit pace wach for rs 15640 he didn’t give me that he sand me rs 1000 smart wach now I’m complant in IG police for daraz and daraz seller

    • Hi Mudasir, that does sound frustrating and I want to take care of this for you immediately. Please share your order details and I’ll get it sorted asap!

  11. So, from being deceived by these onlune jackals, we should better visit nearby or lical matket stores for purchases.

    • Hi Anjum, I feel sorry to have you wait this long. I’ll definitely look into it and identify what went wrong. All you have to do is just share your order details so I can further proceed.

  12. I have had great experience with daraz, I ordered a bicycle for my daughter and it turned out great, the product was delivered before time, well packed and brand new, as promised, the only thing I had to get done was get some air in the tires

  13. A pathetic return and refund policy by, that of personally going to office and then returning the product, and wait for the refund for a week+.

    I did not return the product, fearing what if I lose money and the product both. It is frustrating to waste money on something that was not ordered at all.

  14. Daraz is totally fraud. Some time ago I ordered an eleltric welder with silver coil and welding wax as shown on the web site. However a third quality product was delivered without silver coil. I belive people should refrain ordering thru Daraz. Its a wastage of time and hard earned money.

    • Hi Khan, you have a right to be upset and I need to do something about this immediately. Please share your order details and I’ll make sure that this gets resolved for you.

  15. Yes this is right that draz is looting the innocent customers. I ordered a smart watch but when I got it, that was faulty, I lodge a complaint and returned it for repair, but after a few days i received the same faulty watch again. I suggest the government that draz should be banned for fraud and cheating the customers. Thanks

    • Hey Naeem, I realise that this situation is difficult and for sure I’ll take care of it. Please share your order details and give us a chance to get things right for you.

  16. I have lost Rs.21500/- from my daraz app, and then I contacted them via customer service agent they are not accepting any fault from there side, when I insistong they lodged a complaint againt me in FIA Cyber Crime Cell. This us origonal face of daraz beware all Pakistan.

    • Hi Amjad, this definitely does not sound right and I would like to look into this right away. Could you please share a little more details so I further look into it.

  17. I ordered a telephone which was in a Panasonic in original model number and box but the set inside was a copy . Never got a refund nor they even contacted . Daraz sucks.

    • Hey there, this is on us and I’ll make sure it’ll get fixed asap. Please share your order details and leave the rest.

  18. My daughter ordered a stuffed toy and when it was delivered we saw that it was a second hand toy.Used and worn out

  19. Hey Saeed, I am sorry for the displeasing experience. Please share your order details and I will take care of this.

  20. I have tried two times from daraz and got low quality products. i tried many other online store or etc and found much better quality products than daraz.

  21. I have tried two times from daraz and got low quality products . i tried many other online store or etc and found much better quality products than daraz.

  22. I have my order # Order #119729642435329.
    Found fake Sony TV 43” .
    Send me the original one or get my LCD fake TV back ASAP.

    I have tried to contact daraz so many times but no luck

  23. Daraz online NEEDS to accept that it’s POLICY MUST CHANGE. Customers must be allowed to check that ordered items are in satisfactory order which is confirmed by the courier(Daraz also have their own courier service) and only THEN is payment made be it COD/card/mobile banking. If the item is in satisfactory order, and the customer now declines it he/she is required to pay the delivery fee. If there is a dispute and the customer refuses to pay the delivery fee despite the item being in an acceptable condition their account should be blocked after a grace period of 3 days UNLESS they can demonstrate by way of photos or presentation at a Daraz depot that the item was not as advertised at the time of receiving it. It is the sellers who should expect to be inconvenienced if their goods are not satisfactory, not the customers who then have to chase a refund- that is a dishonest way to conduct business.

  24. I have ordered from
    And they are fraud
    number is
    1800 unstitched lawn Suit dikhaya kuch or bejha kuch
    Jo bejha wo hardly Sunday Bazar se 300 rupy ka suit mil jaiga
    Bar bar return k Lea call ki to jawab Aya Kal ajiga rider or har din jhoot 5 6 din se next and next day ki baten k change hojiga return hojaiga
    Finally aj Meri calls nhe uthae or number busy jaraha hai jab main call kar rahi Hoon… Fake hai ye log

  25. I Have Recenty Purchased 1 Car Honda City from Car First Kalma Chowk Branch At The Time Of Purchase They Told Me That Car Engine & Suspention Is 85% And I Trust Them But Brother They Are Very Big Cheaters Car Suspention 40% Tha Aur Engine 0% Baar Baar Gari Plugs Short Kar Deti Hay Qk Uska Engine Dead Hay Head Assembly Change Honay Wali Hay Aur 45000 Ka Kharcha Hay Plugs May Oil A Jata Hay Itnay Baray Fraud Hay Yeh Ab May Engine Ka Claim Mang Raha Ho Ke Yaar Ap Ne To 85% Engine Batay Tha Lakin Yeh To Zero Hay Lakin Claim Nahi De Rahay Uper Mujhay Tariya Laga Rahay Hay Jao Kar Sakhtay Ho Kar Lo Claim Nahi Milay Ga Itna Bara Fraud Kia Inho Ne Meray Saath

  26. Someone ( Unknow ) did shopping at with my card, I got to know when i received message from bank, I immediately contact to bank and daraz help center , Daraz help center advise me to contact via email & took all proof of payment ( including bank statement , card copy .
    even bank sent one email to Daraz to refund Rs 98,995/- back to account but
    Since 15 days no action has been done from Daraz side , No update , no result , total silent from DARAZ side , beside they hold the shipment.

    waiting for positive response from daraz

  27. I placed an order on 12 November 2020 on Daraz, order id: 121664289840791 of amount 29,348 Pakistani rupees. I paid through my visa card on the very same day.

    On 16th November I got an update from Daraz that my parcel has been delivered, that never ever reached me.

    Since then I am trying to reach Daraz and asking for help no one seems like helping in this case. They provided me with proof of delivery on which Beenish was written under the signature thats not my name and Nic provided was also not mine.

    I am in this disturbing condition since 16th of November and the team would keep asking me to extend the timeline, and nothing seems to be happening…

    This looks like Daraz ripped me off very easily and they clearly cheated… never trust #donttrustDarazpk #gotrippedoff #ehsansaya #fraudpk #pissedoffcustomer

  28. same thing happened to me yesterday.. i order realme buds 2 earphones but instead of that i receive fake copy.. and all mic part was changed

  29. Ye jo daraz kay rep answer day rahay hian. They do the same thing both for Customer and Seller. they just say sorry, its technical problem, team is working. they used such sentences to linger on. Such stupid people sitting in Daraz like some government stupid and lazy employees.
    And one person said right thing its problem with Nation. we are liars, so either we are Seller, customer or Daraz reps we mostly lie. Thats why here online business is not flourishing.
    1- With customers they dont return amount easily. Ji walled main a jaye ga. Walled ko is tarhan karian us tarhan karian.

    2- With sellers they dont refund the amount of parcels they lost. and too much failure delivery and hard to get the claims against fraud with sellers. Too much commission.

    So its only matter of time. soon some better company will emerge belive me you will not see Daraz any where. Even now Daraz is loosing its business because they just interested in their hefty commission nothing else. nor they protect the real customers neither they are good for sellers.

    The represents here are just window dressing nothing else. just to show that they are very concerned or will solve the problem. no sir its not easy from Daraz. in its system both from customer or seller side its too much flaws and seems that their R&D dept. are full on weed.

  30. Best one keep it up. Well we are provide a lots of information about real estate and much more contact us for more details about plot in Bahria town Rawalpindi Islamabad.

  31. There is a fraud seller on Daraz by the name “Graphics Mania” who is apparently selling a ton of graphics cards and other computer products for cheap. Even has all 5 star reviews. I got pulled in and ordered an expensive graphics card and he sent me an empty box! I returned it and the next day he sent me another one!

    Also it seems like Daraz doesn’t take any action against such scammers. How did htey get so many positive 5 star ratings?


  32. I really want to thank’s for sharing this informative article with us. this article is really helphul for me. Special thank’s to the author of this article.

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  33. I draw your attention towards fake sellers who are found in abundant at Daraz but Daraz have no policy to check these fraudulent looters. For example if you search Diobacco Air Fryer 2L at Daraz app then you will find more than 10 vendors selling the same item quoting price from Rs 6999 to 24999. All the vendors says No Warranty. It clearly shows that the same vendor has got himself registered on multiple accounts to loot the innocent customers. But Daraz has no policy to check this menace that how one is charging for the same item, same brand, same capacity for Rs. 6999 and the other is charging 24999. I hope that Daraz will do something to save the customers being looted.

  34. Hey, very detailed and informative article about customers reports increasing incidents with fraudulent sellers on, I am also an online shopping lover. I usually shop online for my desired product, but for this, I have used some specific websites like They also update awareness about sales and clothing updates daily.

  35. Seller’s life is hell at daraz. Some dirty minds lower the website’s score board and always return the order to which daraz takes no action.

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